Postcards From You


Q: If I don't have video or editing equipment, where can I find some?
A: You may be able to get access to free equipment. Try contacting any of the following:

  • Your local public library
  • Your local cable access station
  • A college or university in your town with a film or communication program
  • Boys and Girls clubs; 4-H clubs; the Boys and Girls Scouts
  • Check out this list of Computer Clubhouses
  • Find your State Arts and Humanities Councils, then phone them for more information
  • Check out this list of Media Arts Centers
  • Your family's computer may have simple editing software already on it. Ask about it!
  • Local companies that rent video equipment. This could be the most expensive option, so shop around!

Q: Can I send in a video postcard from outside the United States?
A: Yes! We welcome entries from anywhere in the world.

Q: Can I use pieces of other movies or TV shows in my postcard?
A: No. All of the material in your video postcard should be original, meaning that you filmed it yourself. (And no fair filming your TV set!)

Q: Can I use my favorite pop song in my postcard?
A: It's a great idea to use music when you make a movie, but it can be difficult for us to get permission to use popular music. To be safe, try not to use very recently recorded music in your postcard. If you DO want to use music, please send in TWO versions of your postcard -- one with music, and one without -- just to be safe. (Also, if you play an instrument, you can record your own music.) Note: if you use any music, please let us know what it is on the Postcards From You entry form (PDF).

Q: Can my postcard be longer than one minute?
A: We'd like for all the entries to be one minute long. If you feel like you can't tell the whole story in that time, think about ways to simplify your story. In case your postcard is chosen to be on TV, we will only be able to broadcast one minute of it.

Q: Can I send more than one video postcard entry?
A: Definitely! Please place all of your video postcards (each one no more than one minute) one after the other on one tape, DVD, or uncompressed QuickTime file. Make sure to leave some "black screen" between the postcards so one does not run into the next.

Q: Are there prizes?
A: There are no prizes, but some postcards will be chosen to appear on episodes of Arthur or Postcards From Buster. We'll also say your first name and your home town on air. Other postcards may be selected to appear on this Web site.

Q: When will you air postcards made by kids?
Select video postcards will be chosen to air on TV during the new season of Arthur in Spring/Summer 2007. Others will be shown on this Web site.

Q: Will you tell me whether my postcard will air on TV?
A: If your postcard is selected to appear on the Arthur or Postcards from Buster television shows or this Web site, you will be notified. You will not be notified if your postcard is not selected.

Q: Will you send my postcard back when you're done?
A: No. Unfortunately, we are not able to return videos sent to us.

Q: Can I send in a photo slideshow?
A: Sure! If you have a digital camera but not a video camera, send us a slideshow. It would be great if you narrate the slides so that we know what we're seeing.

Q: What is the best format to send my video in?
A: We can only accept DV files on a data CD or data DVD. This is because we need the best quality possible to air it on television. Here are the exact details: .dv format, 720x480, 2 channel, 16 bit, 48 kHz.

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