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Illustration of a lobster


There used to be so many lobsters, they were considered food for people who could not afford anything else. Then, in the mid 1800s, lobster became a delicacy. I thought lobsters were red, but that's not until they're cooked. Before that, they can be lots of different colors, but not bright red.

Illustration of a moose


Moose are just really, REALLY big deer. Their shoulders are usually seven feet off the ground! Only male moose have antlers. They lose their antlers every winter, and grow new ones for the spring.

Flag of Maine


The Maine state flag is blue. In the center is the Maine coat of arms, which shows a moose sitting beneath a pine tree, a sailor and a farmer, and the word "Maine."

Shape of Maine


The shape of Maine is definitely an animal's head facing to the right. Maybe a dog? Ooh, or a horse. How about a moose? They DO have a lot of moose in Maine. So that makes sense. Okay, a moose it is.