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Illustration of jambalaya


Jambalaya is a stew. It can have chicken, shrimp, or sausage in it, and vegetables like celery and green peppers. But it (almost) always has rice. The rice soaks up all the different tastes to make one big taste!

Illustration of alligator


Alligators live in the southeast U.S., but they especially like the slow-moving water of the Louisiana bayous. Their tails are generally half the size of their bodies. You can tell an alligator from a crocodile by its nose: alligators have wider snouts than crocodiles.

Flag of Louisiana


In the middle of the blue Louisiana state flag is a mother pelican feeding her three children. The pelican is the state bird of Louisiana. Below the pelicans are the words Union, Justice, and Confidence.

Shape of Louisiana


I can never decide if the shape of Louisiana reminds me of a steam engine with a huge smokestack, or just a boot. I guess it depends on whether I'm in a train mood or a shoe mood.