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Connect the States


Illustration of burgoo


Burgoo is a stew made from meats, vegetables, and spices, slow cooked for up to 30 hours. (I'm not sure I could wait that long for dinner!) Sometimes it's cooked outside in a huge iron kettle.

Illustration of a horse


Sure, you can find horses in many states, but there's only one Kentucky Derby. This famous horse race started in 1875. Kentucky is also home to many horse farms. Lexington, Kentucky, is called the "horse capital of the world."

Flag of Kentucky


The Kentucky state flag is blue, with the state seal in the middle. Below that is the goldenrod flower. The words "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" appear in the seal above two people shaking hands.

Shape of Kentucky


The shape of Kentucky looks like a giant snail eating a tiny lettuce leaf. Poor snail. I bet she'll still be hungry afterwards. I know how she feels.