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Connect the States


Illustration of poi


Poi is a porridge made from mashed taro root, which is kind of like a potato. Poi is one of the few purple foods. So if you're trying to eat at least one food of each color, poi is the way to go!

Illustration of a nene


In 1957, the Nene, or Hawaiian goose, was named the official state bird of Hawaii. Nenes look kind of like Canada geese, but they have tan cheeks.

Flag of Hawaii


The eight stripes on the Hawaiian state flag represent the eight Hawaiian islands. The British flag in the top left corner shows Hawaii's previously close ties with England.

Shape of Hawaii


The shape of Hawaii, when you glance at it kind of sideways, and sort of close your left eye, and really concentrate... looks just like that spot I got on my vest in San Francisco. Weird!