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Connect the States


Illustration of oranges


Oranges are the only fruit named just by their color! (There are "greens" - leafy food - but those are vegetables.) Oranges only grow in warm areas.

Illustration of a manatee


Manatees live in coastal waters, both freshwater and saltwater, and eat only plants. They are related to elephants. Adult manatees can be over ten feet long, and weigh over 1,500 pounds.

Flag of Florida


The state seal in the middle of the Florida state flag shows many things you'll find in Florida: a bright sun, a palm tree, and lots of water. The seal also includes a woman from the Seminole Indian tribe.

Shape of Florida


The shape of Florida looks sort of like a huge handle to hold the United States by. But I think it would be too heavy, even if you could get a good grip.