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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Moose on the Loose

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

While in Wyoming, I wanted to make a documentary on the elusive moose. For something so big, they can be hard to find!

Wyoming has many wide-open spaces. It's a lot different from Elwood City! Los Viajeros wrote a song about it called The Elusive Moose.

On my hunt for the moose, I bumped into Abigail. She was bird watching. She keeps a journal, and writes down which birds she sees.

Abigail's friend Gus showed me how to fly fish. It's like regular fishing, but without worms. You put a fake fly on your fishing line, then move it in the water. If a fish tries to eat the fly, you might catch him!

D.W. e-mailed me (with Arthur's help). She wanted to remind me that SHE was better at fly fishing than Arthur. Arthur says that was just because of her Mary Moo Cow tape. The fish loved it!

In Jackson Hole, we met Dusty. He's a cowboy and a hat maker. He takes an unshaped hat body, steams it, molds it, cuts the rim, and buffs off the extra fuzzy parts. In the end, Dusty made me a great hat!

We saw lots of elk. Elk are in the deer family, just like moose, but not as big. We saw coyotes, too. They're related to wolves, and all dogs. Hey, Pal! We saw your relative! But the moose hid very well.

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