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Madison, Wisconsin

Among the Hmong

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, is home to many people of Hmong heritage. Hmong people are originally from different Asian countries. The Hmong families in the United States are mostly from Laos.

Many of the Hmong people in Madison were born someplace else, but Madison is their home now. Los Viajeros wrote about this in their song At Home in Madison.

We met the Vang family - all ten of them! They all live in one house. And there are even more relatives who live nearby. As a matter of fact, they have their own street. It's called Vang Lane!

Sepak takraw is a cool Hmong game! You play with a small ball woven from reeds. You have to get the ball over a net using your feet, knees, head, shoulders. It's kind of like volleyball, but you can't use your hands.

Francine says she was looking for a new sport to try. She thinks sepak takraw is it! She says she likes soccer, but she always enjoys trying new things.

The Vang girls performed a traditional fan dance in a dance competition. They were very graceful. They had lots of family members there to cheer them on. That's a good thing about having a big family!

There are many Hmong foods, like sausages, papaya salad, and marinated spare ribs. But one thing they always eat is rice! They eat it with lunch, dinner - even breakfast.

We also visited Steve at the University of Wisconsin. He's an entomologist. That means he studies insects. He showed me a tarantula. He even held it in his hand! But he said they're not really dangerous. Phew!

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