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Seattle, Washington

Sleepy in Seattle

Seattle, Washington

I was very tired in Seattle, Washington. I think it was all that traveling. Even my hair was tired! I may have heard it snoring at one point. Is that even possible?

I thought exercise might help me relax and sleep, so I visited some martial arts classes: karate, tai chi, and wu shu. Here's some cool video of the Monkey form of Wu Shu.

Los Viajeros wrote Sleepy in Seattle. It was all about how I couldn't sleep. But their song didn't help me: it was so catchy, I couldn't stop humming it!

I was tired, but I was hungry, too! I had raw fish with rice - it's a Japanese dish called sushi. I also drank bubble tea. It has tapioca in it. The tapioca are like round marbles, so you have to use a big straw.

I met Russ and Rebecca, who took me to a fortune cookie factory. It's run by their friend Greg's family. I learned that fortune cookies are Chinese American. They don't have fortune cookies in China!

The Brain says that tapioca is mashed cassava root (kind of like a potato). That's what's in bubble tea. It's also in tapioca pudding. I guess "tapioca pudding" sounds better than "mashed root pudding"!

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