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Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington

While I was putting up flyers for a Los Viajeros benefit concert, I met DeShe. He sings with the Total Experience Gospel Choir. Gospel music is Christian music. It's very lively and joyful.

If anyone in the choir acts up, DeShe's grandma (the choir director) gives them "the eye." That means she looks at them in a certain way. If DeShe gets "the eye," he stops fooling around. I saw "the eye" in action. It's scary!

There's so much music in Seattle. That's why Los Viajeros called their Seattle song Seattle Rocks.

The Los Viajeros concert was to benefit the Cannon House for seniors. DeShe volunteers there, too! He helps serve lunch. I helped serve cookies. It was just a small thing, but it made me feel really good.

At a soul food restaurant, I ate gumbo, fried chicken, catfish, hushpuppies, buttermilk pie, sweet potato pie, pork chops, greens, and candied yams. It was delicious! The cooks really put their souls into it. Soul food was created by African slaves in the southern U.S.

We flew in a seaplane. That's a plane that can land in the water. Instead of wheels, it's on water-skis! We visited a summer camp and kayaked, made model rockets, and studied animals.

Francine emailed me. She wants to visit Seattle as soon as she can. She loves all the music here, PLUS all the sports at the summer camp.

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