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Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

In Virginia Beach I met Lainey and her family: Alonzo, D.J., Derrick, Destiny, their friend Zae, plus three others. All in all, nine people and four pets live in one trailer. The five kids share a bedroom, and just three beds!

Lainey's family really sticks together. Los Viajeros wrote Count on Me about them. It's about people helping each other.

They say they fight sometimes, but they look out for each other, too. And they're never lonely, either. Sometimes I wish I had a brother or a sister.

Arthur just e-mailed me to remind me what it's like to play the game "Confuse the Goose" with D.W. for two hours straight! I guess there are good and bad things about being an only child.

Their kind of trailer is also called a mobile home. It's on wheels! But even though it COULD move, they just leave it in one spot. That's a good thing. What if you came home and your house was moved?

The trailer park is near a Navy base. Fighter jets roar overhead all day long. Seeing one was cool! But all day? I think that might get kind of loud.

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