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Salt Lake City, Utah

We Are Family

Salt Lake City, Utah

In Salt Lake City we visited with Liesel, and Seth... and Abby, and Benjamin... and Ruten, and Aaron... AND their parents. That's one big family!

Los Viajeros wrote a cool song about Utah called Room for Us All. It might be my all-time favorite! You know why? It mentions dinosaurs! That's always the sign of an excellent song, I think.

With such a big family, everyone has to work together. With so many kids, even something simple, like going sledding, gets complicated.

They all help with dinner, plus their weekly chore list: load and empty the dishwasher; clean the floors; sort and fold the laundry; walk the dog and take out the garbage; be happy; and clean the bathroom.

D.W. e-mailed me (with Arthur's help). She thought I meant "bathrooms," and not "bathroom." But I was right: they have eight people, and only one bathroom. You really have to plan ahead, or you're in trouble!

I don't have any brothers or sisters, so it was fun to hang out with such a big family. But I don't know... I like having my own room. Plus, I get my mom all to myself! But each family is different, I guess.

Liesel and her family are Mormons. Did you know there are more Mormons in Utah than anywhere else in the world? It's true!

On Friday night they have family night. They begin with a prayer, then a bible lesson. After that, they might sing, or do readings. When I was there, they baked cookies for their new neighbors.

As a side trip, Dad and I flew to Dinosaur National Monument. They have the biggest collection of Jurassic-period dinosaur bones in the universe! You can even see lots of them still in the ground. Cool!

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