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Park City, Utah

Winter Gold

Park City, Utah

Muffy wanted me to find a good winter sport for her, so we visited the Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. They have skiing, skating, ski jumping, tubing, sledding, and snowmobiling there.

I learned about a different kind of skiing: monoskiing. It's really fast, and lets more people ski who couldn't before.

I met Squirt. He's a ski jumper. He wants to be in the Olympics one day. I followed him down the ski jump. Whoo-hoo! It was great! I can't believe I did so well, even on my first try.

Park City, So Pretty is Los Viajeros' song about skiing here. You go so fast, it feels like you're flying.

Uh... Muffy saw the video of me zipping down the ski jump, crashing, then getting my face licked by a dog. So I guess I didn't do as well as I had said. But it was still fun.

Squirt has trained for years. He said ski jumping is 80% mental, and 20% physical. That means if you THINK you can do it, you can. Hmm... I THINK I can have hot cocoa by the fire. Okay - that will work.

I tried figure skating with Justine, but all that spinning made me so dizzy! Then I tried speed skating with Jerica. That was good, but I flew out the door. Winter sports are tough!

After my speed skating crash, I was saved again by Maggie the dog. Wow! I don't think Pal's doggie breath is this bad! Do they make doggie breath mints?

I think the key is practice. Justine says that if she's in a bad mood, she does not like to practice. But once she gets started, she likes it again. I guess that's how you get really good at something!

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