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San Antonio, Texas

Buster and Beatrice

San Antonio, Texas

In San Antonio I met Robert Casillas and Rudy Lopez. They play conjunto music. "Conjunto" refers to a Mexican instrument (the guitar) and a European music instrument (the accordion) "coming together."

We went to Taco Haven. They have 22 different kinds of tacos! Check out this recipe for breakfast tacos. They're a real Texas taste treat!

Robert and Rudy are in a band called Dos Generaciones. That means "two generations" in Spanish. Robert is 12, and Rudy is in his fifties. But they make great music together.

Robert plays the accordion. He practices a lot. That's why he's so good! Robert calls his accordion "baby doll." I just got an accordion, too. It's called "Hey, what's that weird squeaky noise?" (Dad named it.)

Los Viajeros recorded Down in San Antonio, a tasty song about all the fun things down here - especially all the food!

Robert's mother remarried and moved, but he didn't want to go. Instead, he lives with his Nana and Pappo - those are his grandparents.

Arthur says he can't believe I didn't try all 22 types of tacos. Actually, I can't believe it either! What was I thinking? It even has a nice sound to it: "twenty-two types of tacos." It's almost a tongue twister!

San Antonio is very close to Mexico. A lot of things here are part Mexican, part American - the food, the music - and you see English and Spanish mixed in everywhere. It's like everything is "conjunto."

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