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Nashville, Tennessee

Family Reunion

Nashville, Tennessee

I finally got to see Arthur on my travels! The Read family reunion was in Nashville while we were there. I was their official videographer. I asked D.W. to be my assistant. Well... actually, she demanded it!

D.W. and I got sidetracked. At a roller rink, we met Barin, a Kurdish girl. Barin's mom is here, but her dad is in Iraq, helping U.S. troops as a translator. We made a video postcard for Barin to send to her dad.

Los Viajeros wrote Welcome to Tennessee. It's all about the importance of family. And it's catchy!

The Brain e-mailed to tell me that Kurdish people are from southern Turkey, northern Iraq, and other areas of the Middle East.

Barin has a large family! Twenty people live in her house: brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It's like a family reunion all the time! But the one reunion Barin really wants is with her dad.

They eat traditional Kurdish dinner in the traditional way: sitting on the floor. They spread out a blanket in the living room. Because they are boys, Barin's brothers take their food first. Then Barin can eat.

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