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Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

Buster's Sweet Song

Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

I promised Muffy that Mora would write a song to sell Mr. Crosswire's cars. But Mora refused! Oops. So I had to write it myself.

Luckily, I met Savannah. She's a songwriter, just like her parents. She plays guitar, fiddle, piano, and mandolin (it's like a very small guitar)! She sings, too. She's like a band all by herself!

We're right near Music City - that's another name for Nashville. Country music is very popular here, so Los Viajeros wrote a song called Country is King.

Savannah says that to write a song, first you get inspired by something. Then you take that idea and fill in the details. I told her that pizza inspires me. I'd do almost anything for pizza!

She also said you should sing about your feelings. Well, pizza makes me feel happy, too! I tell you, songwriting is pretty easy - as long as there's pizza around!

We visited a guitar store. There were so many guitars! The owner said that each one sounds a little different. He says that people should choose the guitar that they can have fun with.

We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, too. We saw Elvis Presley's gold Cadillac. It has everything - even a shoe polisher! I think I might like a gold car one day. Imagine what Muffy would say!

Well, we don't have to imagine anymore. Muffy said that a gold car is SO last century. She says the PLATINUM car is the car of the future. Wow. I had no idea Muffy knew so much about cars.

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