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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dad and I visited San Juan to get Carlos' time capsule. Carlos grew up in Puerto Rico, but hadn't been home in a long time. Now he was writing a song about Puerto Rico, and needed things to remind him of home.

To make a time capsule, you fill a box with lots of different things. Then you seal it, and put it away for many, many years. When you finally open it, you can see what life was like back then.

Carlos wrote a great song about Puerto Rico called Where My Soul Will Always Be. Carlos says that when he and Mora sing it, he feels like he's back home.

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island. The flight from Miami to San Juan was less than two hours. "Puerto Rico" means "rich port" in Spanish. That's because San Juan is one of the best harbors in the area.

The island of Puerto Rico is actually a commonwealth of the United States. It's kind of like a state, and kind of not like a state. It's kind of confusing!

We met George, who had Carlos' time capsule. There was all this cool stuff inside. It was like a mystery to figure out what it all was.

We took a ferry to El Morro, an old fortress. It's right on the ocean, and really windy, so everyone flies kites! I had some trouble with mine, but George was really good.

George and I ate "piraguas." They are Puerto Rican snow-cones: shaved ice with flavored syrup. They had raspberry, cherry, orange - ten flavors in all. It was a hot day, so my piragua really hit the spot!

One night, I couldn't sleep. Something outside was making a weird noise. Turns out, it was a coquí, a tree frog. It says its name over and over: Co-kee! Co-kee! Carlos says that sound reminds him of home.

Arthur just e-mailed. He says he wants the Sugar Bowl to start serving piraguas. That would be great! That way, when I get home, I could try the nine flavors I didn't try here.

George and I fed pigeons in the Plaza de Armas. Carlos said he did that all the time when he was a kid. A "plaza" is a square, like a little city park, where people gather, talk, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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