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Mt. Hood and Canby, Oregon

The Giant Pumpkins

Mt. Hood and Canby, Oregon

I heard about a giant vegetable grower in Oregon. I thought, "A giant who grows vegetables?" Turns out, he was normal size. But the vegetables? Huge!

The name of the giant vegetable grower is Scotty. Scotty grows giant pumpkins. Want to see HOW giant? Take a look at this pumpkin video clip.

Scotty entered his pumpkin in a contest. To move the pumpkin, they had to lift it with a crane. I guess that's what you have to do when your pumpkin weighs over half a ton!

Los Viajeros were really impressed by the giant pumpkins and giant mountains. Their song Heading into Oregon tells all about it.

At the pumpkin weigh-off, I went through a maze in a corn field. I never knew corn grew so high! Luckily, I have an amazing sense of direction. Uh... plus someone showed me the way...

Mt. Hood is the biggest mountain in Oregon. My friends Jordan and Ashley and I took a ski lift up, then rode our mountain bikes down! It was really cool.

Francine e-mailed to say she's jealous that I get to go mountain biking on Mt. Hood. It's much taller than Moose Mountain back home. Well, what can I say? Mt. Hood is good. Hey! That could be their slogan!

Jordan's bike tip: don't look where you don't want to go. When you look at something, you automatically go that way. I tried not to look at this one rock, but... well, I'm glad I had on my full-body padding.

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