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Brooklyn, New York

A Bridge Back Home

Brooklyn, New York

We met James in Manhattan, and we walked across the Brooklyn bridge to Brooklyn. You can see the Statue of Liberty from the bridge. It's beautiful!

Los Viajeros wrote a song about the Brooklyn Bridge. They called it Cross that Bridge.

James' family is Arab, so I thought he was Muslim. But he's Christian. I learned that not everyone who speaks Arabic is Muslim.

We ate hummus, which is made from chickpeas. Here's a recipe for hummus. It's easy to make, good for you... AND it's tasty.

James is an altar boy in his church. He goes every Sunday. The priest said the altar boys represent angels. But I'm not sure if James' sister thinks of him as an angel!

D.W. e-mailed me (with Arthur's help). She says she's an angel, too. Then Arthur wrote YMBK ("You Must Be Kidding!"). Then D.W. got angry because Arthur wrote that. I think they're still arguing!

We went to a Lebanese bakery, and tried Turkish Delight, Lady Fingers, and other desserts. Later, we went to James' house for dinner. We ate kibbeh - lamb "meatloaf" - and stuffed grape leaves. Mmm...

At a party, we danced the dabke. That's a traditional Lebanese dance. A girl there, Nourhan, also showed me how to belly dance. After all that eating, I really had the belly for it!

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