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Mandan and Bismarck, North Dakota

Up the River

Mandan and Bismarck, North Dakota

Dad and I got SO lost in North Dakota. North, south, east, west? Trees just look like trees, no matter which way they are. But we finally found what we were looking for - the Missouri River!

Los Viajeros wrote The Ballad of the Baxters, all about our getting lost. How embarrassing! But it could be worse. At least it's a catchy song.

We met Solvei and her family. They were canoeing on the river. That's a business they run! Her mom is from Norway. They speak Norwegian at home and English everywhere else.

Muffy says she loves canoeing, too. Of course, her canoe has leather seats, a five-speaker sound system, a sandwich cooler... and an automatic rowing device. I think the "device" is called Bailey, her butler.

We joined Solvei, Kristian, Johan, and the rest of their family for Norwegian food: waffles and jam, and mackerel, a little fish. Before we ate, they sang grace in Norwegian.

This is where Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1804. They led 33 people to explore the Midwest. They met Sacagawea here. She was an American Indian teenager, and she translated for them.

Solvei and her family do Norwegian folk dancing, too. I even danced a shaddish - a group dance - with them. It's hard to dance and film at the same time, but I did okay.

We took a side trip and found a motocross race. That's motorcycles! We met Tyler, Brandon, and Danni. When they race, all those engines are really loud!

For protection they wear helmets and kneepads and elbow pads and jackets - they look like astronauts! But what about their noses? I think maybe I'll invent a nose pad.

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