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Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

Lost and Found

Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico

I met some of Mora's friends in Guanajuato. They spoke English so well. But later on, I found out how hard it can be when you don't speak the main language.

Mora and Carlos love Guanajuato - the people, the buildings, the marketplace - so they wrote In Guanajuato. Parts are in Spanish, so I have to learn what they're saying.

One of the best things about Mexico is the food. And one of the best things about Mexican food is the salsa! Try this simple recipe for salsa.

Tzintzun and Sereno (Mora's friend's sons) and their friend Anita showed me around. Their family built their house. They mixed and baked the adobe bricks themselves. They even have a pet burro - or donkey - out back.

They were celebrating El Día del las Flores. It's the Friday before Good Friday. Everybody buys flowers. Plus, on this day, if you break a confetti egg over someone's head, it means you like them.

Mora's friend Sigfrido is a mime. That means he tells stories without talking, just by using his body. That means I could understand him, even though I can't speak Spanish!

Binky thanked me for reminding him of mime. He's been practicing, so he can walk around looking even tougher now, without talking at all! Hmm... I never heard of a tough mime before.

Sigfrido's wife, Janet, and the kids built a religious altar in their backyard. They arrange flowers and light candles to celebrate the coming of spring.

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