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Fort Leonard Wood, MO

The Case of the Coin Purloined

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

In Missouri we visited Fort Leonard Wood. The U.S. Army trains people here. There are lots of soldiers, and lots of kids!

The kids who live at Fort Leonard Wood have parents in the army. I met Erin and Hannah, Kayla, and Sami. All of their dads are either stationed in Iraq, or have just come back.

Erin and Hannah's dad went to Iraq for a year. The kids keep in touch with their dad through letters, e-mail, and phone calls. Erin told me all about her dad, and even got a phone call from him while I was there.

Left, Right, Left is a great song. It's about army training. People in the U.S. Army train hard here so that they can protect all of us!

Erin loves Nancy Drew books and other mysteries, so she opened her own detective agency! She helped me find Carlos' lost coin. It was fun to solve the mystery together.

Drill Sergeant Clara led me and my friends through the Fort Leonard Wood obstacle course. We went through tunnels, across logs, up walls, and along tightropes. The soldiers practice on this obstacle course. It's tough (just like Drill Sergeant Clara)!

Erin and Kayla tried the Truck Driving Simulator. It's like a video game, but it teaches you how to drive a truck in Iraq. You get to practice driving on pretend roads, mountains, and deserts.

Binky loved the obstacle course! He says he wants our school to set one up for gym class. I'm just afraid that Drill Sergeant Clara might show up to run it! (Did I mention she's tough?)

We ate MREs. That's army talk for "Meals, Ready to Eat." Some people don't like them, but I thought they were good! Basically, it's food in a bag that you can eat anywhere. How bad can that be?

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