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Mackinac Island, MI

The Mitten of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, MI

Mackinac Island (pronounced "MAK-in-aw") has been a popular vacation spot for more than 100 years. Nowadays, in the summers, nearly 15,000 people a day visit.

But when I went, during the winter, there was almost no one there. It looked like a ghost town! The stores were closed, and the streets were empty. There were no tourists in sight. Only a few families live on Mackinac during the cold, snowy winters.

Los Viajeros wrote a fun song about Mackinac Island. It's called What Buster Saw. Carlos and Mora even let me sing on the song!

We stayed with Lou and his family. There are only 67 kids in Lou's whole school, kindergarten through 12th grade! With so few kids, I bet the teachers know what everyone is up to.

Lou and his friends make tons of movies. His friend Scott is the director. First all the kids put their heads together and think of a story. Then they shoot it (film it), edit it (put all the pieces together), and show it to everyone!

They make their movies scary by using weird camera angles, and by adding scary music. I think scary music can make ANYTHING creepy - even eating a sandwich!

Sometimes Scott, the director, presents awards. I helped the kids make a movie when I was there, and I won an award! "Best Scream for an Actor Who Did Not Know He Was Acting." I'm so proud!

Muffy wants me to be in her next movie! She says it's about a beautiful rich girl who comes in first place in a fashion show. How does she think up these things?

Want to make your own movie? I'd love to see it! Visit Postcards from You to learn more.

The coolest thing about Mackinac Island is that there are no cars! Only horses and carriages, bikes, and walking are allowed. (Snowmobiling is okay in the winter, though.)

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