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Boston, Massachusetts

Buster's Big Goal

Boston, Massachusetts

In Boston, all I could think about was soccer. My friends back home had been practicing a lot. But I hadn't been practicing at all. I didn't want to get back to Elwood City and embarrass myself on the soccer field.

Luckily, I met Eduardo, Pedro, and Rafael in Boston. They knew all about soccer. They're from Brazil, in South America. And in Brazil, people love soccer - although they call it "futebol."

Los Viajeros wrote Alive with History. It's about how Boston has a long history. But there's lots of stuff to do here NOW, too!

I had never seen a sock soccer ball, so Pedro showed me how to make one. You just roll one sock up, then put it into another sock. Then you fold it back, and back again, and you have a little "socker" ball!

We took a tour of Boston in an amphibious vehicle. I thought it might look like frog - but it didn't. But it can drive on land and in the water, just like a frog. (Well, frogs don't drive, but you know what mean.)

I went sailing in Boston Harbor with Pedro and Jim. They taught me lots of sailing words. "Tack" means to turn the boat. "Lee" means the direction the wind is coming from. So if you "tack to lee," you turn the boat into the wind.

The Brain e-mailed me some more sailing words. He says the front mast on a big sailboat is the foremast. The middle mast is the mainmast. And the rear mast is the mizzenmast. Sailing is like its own language!

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