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Winchester, Kentucky

Best Friends

Winchester, Kentucky

Katy and Katey are best friends. I met them in Kentucky. Is everyone here named Katie? With so many Katies, maybe they should call it Katie-tucky!

I learned all about clogging. That's a type of dance that Katy and Katey do. It's kind of like Irish tap dancing. They can move their feet really fast.

Arthur and I had a fight. Los Viajeros wrote a song about it. It's called Best Friends Work It Out. It's about friends solving problems. I sure hope WE can.

The Katies live in the country. It's really pretty! But some cows stared at us in a field. Katey said cows might attack to defend their baby cows. Luckily, there were no babies there, so we were safe. Phew!

D.W. e-mailed me (with Arthur's help). She said that Mary Moo Cow would never hurt anybody. All she does is sing and dance all day. D.W. also said I should be ashamed for spreading these cow rumors.

If Arthur's name were Buster, we could be called "The Busters!" That would be cool! But what if Mom called the wrong Buster for dinner? I might miss a meal!

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