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Whitesburg, Kentucky

A Good Ol' Tyme

Whitesburg, Kentucky

When I was in Whitesburg, Kentucky, I was looking for history. You know, statues, museums - that sort of thing. Turns out, there's lots of LIVING history there!

I met Randy, Rossi and Katherine there. Rossi plays the fiddle, and Katherine clogs. That's a type of dancing. Actually, I'll let them explain about old time music.

What's cool is that the banjo is from Africa, and clogging is from the United Kingdom. But these two things came together right here in Kentucky.

Los Viajeros have a song about The Green Hills of Kentucky. Wherever you look here, everything's green. There are tons of trees. It's beautiful!

In square dancing, the caller tells you what to do. There are things like "circle" and "head back home" and "do-si-do." What the heck is a do-si-do?

Binky sure seems to know a lot about dance! He says a do-si-do is when you dance around your partner without ever turning around. You just keep facing the same direction.

These dances, and this music, are just like they were a hundred years ago. So you can dance and be a part of history at the same time.

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