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Knox, Indiana

Meet Me at the Fair

Knox, Indiana

We visited a farm in Indiana. Did you know there are different kinds of farms? There are dairy farms, vegetable farms, flower farms, herb farms, fish farms, and more. Most farms don't even have cows.

Lauren and Nathan help on their parents' farm. They have chores every day, like feeding the horses and cattle and pigs, and baling hay, and cleaning the house. It's the biggest "To Do" list I ever saw.

Lauren can drive! Take a look at her driving a tractor. She can even go backwards. I'm lucky if I can just ride my bike and not end up in the bushes!

We visited the Indiana state fair. The Ferris wheel was lots of fun. Los Viajeros wrote about it in Meet Me at the Fair in Indiana.

Lauren had a pig named Francine. But she didn't look anything like my friend Francine. For one thing, her tail was less curly! Hoo! That's a good one!

Uh... Francine just e-mailed me to say she did not appreciate that joke. Sorry, Francine. I couldn't help myself!

Nathan drives a forklift. It's huge! He moves hay with it. To make hay, they grow grass or alfalfa, cut it, dry it, then roll it into bales. A bale is just a bunch of hay stuck together.

I slept over at the farm. I got up bright and early at 6:15. I smelled breakfast! But when I went downstairs, I found out that I'd slept in. They'd all been up doing chores for over an hour!

Lauren and Nathan sold their pigs for food to people who eat meat. Nathan says that only bothers him sometimes, since people do have to eat. People who don't eat meat are called vegetarians.

Lauren has been riding horses since she was three! She showed me how to steer the horse with the reins. If you want to stop, you just say, "Whoa." It's like putting on the brakes.

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