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Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida

In Miami, I was homesick. It's been such a long time since I've seen my mom. In a way, being homesick isn't so bad, because it means I have a nice home. But that's probably why I'm so homesick!

Los Viajeros wrote Home in Miami. It's all about how you can enjoy where you are - even if you are far from home.

I met a girl named Athena. She was at her school. Her classes are in English and Spanish. I joined her math class for the day. Now I don't understand math in TWO languages!

I had some great dessert with Athena. Athena gave me her recipe for arroz con leche so Mom could use it in her food column. It's a Cuban-style rice pudding. Mom will love it. Muy delicioso!

Athena speaks English, Spanish, and Greek. She speaks English because she lives here. She speaks Spanish because her mother is from Cuba. And she speaks Greek because her dad is from Greece.

Athena's parents are divorced, just like mine. She spends one week with her dad, and the next week with her mom. It's kind of tough. She likes staying with both of them, but always misses the other one.

Arthur says his dad got the recipe for arroz con leche from my mom. Then he made it for a 100-person dinner party. They loved it! It's great that one recipe can make so many people happy.

We went to Little Havana. A lot of people from Cuba live in this part of Miami. (The real city of Havana is in Cuba.) We visited the Maximo Gomez Domino Club. Dominoes is the national game of Cuba!

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