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Cocoa Beach, Florida

Riding the Wave

Cocoa Beach, Florida

In Florida, we visited Cocoa Beach. But it's just made of ordinary sand. It's not cocoa flavored at all. I must say, that was a bit of a disappointment.

Every time I hear Going to Cocoa Beach by Los Viajeros, it reminds me of the beach: the sun, the surf, the seagulls, and... uh... the sand in my bathing suit.

Forrest and his sister Coral live near the beach, and love to surf. When they're not surfing, they ride skateboards, or practice surf moves on the trampoline or their surf swing. Like I said, they LOVE to surf!

They even surf in the cold! They wear outfits called wetsuits. I don't know how they work, though. I mean, if you wore a wet suit, you'd be cold, right?

The Brain e-mailed me. He says the rubber wetsuit traps a little water right next to the person's body. Their body heats that water up, which then keeps them warm. Pretty cool! I mean, pretty warm.

I learned the secrets to surfing. First, use tight turns to not hit people. Second, you need good balance. Third, you should try to "become water." That means you shouldn't fight the waves - just go with the flow!

There are so many dangers in the water: stinging jellyfish, sharks, sting rays, other surfers, and riptides that can pull you out to sea. It's amazing anyone ever surfs!

I also learned how to make a surfboard. First, you cut it into the right shape. Then you paint designs on it. Then you cover it in fiberglass to make it strong. Last, you sand it smooth. It takes four people! Phew!

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