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Cairo, Giza, & Aswan, Egypt

Buster's Egyptian Adventure

Cairo, Giza, & Aswan, Egypt

Egypt was incredible! We went to Cairo, Giza, and Aswan, and saw pyramids, a wedding, the Temple of Isis, a rooftop oud concert. It was nonstop fun.

Our first stop was Cairo. We went to one of the old marketplaces called bazaars. There you can buy spices, scented oils, scooters, grape leaves, dumbek drums - everything from Egypt, and around the world! They also have supermarkets and corner stores, just like back home.

I was on a rooftop in Cairo with my friend Farid. We heard the adhan, the Muslims' call to prayer. It comes from hundreds of mosques all at once, five times a day, to announce that it's time to pray.

All the kids I met in Cairo and Aswan are Muslim. That means their religion is Islam. But not all Egyptian kids are Muslim. About 10% of Egyptians are Christians.

We visited Giza to see the Great Pyramid. The pyramids are tombs of ancient pharaohs (like Egyptian kings) and their wives. The Great Pyramid took 20 years to build.

Brain e-mailed me. He reminded me of the OTHER famous sight here: the Sphinx. It looks like a giant lion with a person's face. The face belongs to Cheops, the pharaoh buried in the pyramid that the Sphinx guards.

In Egypt, people speak and write Arabic. (I thought they wrote in hieroglyphs, but Egyptians stopped writing in hieroglyphs 2,000 years ago!) Arabic is written right to left.

There's so much to see in Egypt! The modern world of cities and towns. The ancient world of pyramids. Los Viajeros say it best: Oh, Egypt!

We also traveled up the Nile river by falouka (an ancient sailboat) to Aswan. We went to a wedding there. The guests put henna, a colored paste, on their hands to decorate them for the special occasion.

Food was tasty in Egypt, and different from what I was used to. Honey for breakfast. Pigeon for dinner. And here's a recipe for namoura, a yummy cake.

Here are a few Arabic words I learned, after lots of practice.
Listen Shokran Thank you
Listen Ma'as Salaam Goodbye

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