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Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder, Colorado

In Boulder, Colorado, I had a great idea: make a rock video with ACTUAL rocks in it! Dad wasn't so impressed with it. But he doesn't know as much about making movies as I do.

It's Los Viajeros' first song about mountain climbing! It's called It's Always Colorado Outside. It's a rock song, and it's about rocks. See? I KNEW it was a great idea.

I visited El Dorado Canyon with Wilson, Olivia, Lindsey, and Isabelle. They love to rock climb. They use ropes for safety but do all the climbing themselves. No one pulls them up.

Francine said she's very excited to see that girls rock climb, too. You know, when you think about it, a mountain doesn't know who's climbing it, just like a ball doesn't know who's kicking it.

To be a good rock climber, remember three things. First, practice your technique. Second, you need strong arms and legs. And third, unless you're used to heights: don't... look... down...

They practice in a rock climbing school. It has huge walls inside and looks like a miniature canyon with tiny handholds and footholds. Hey! Maybe Principal Haney could install one in OUR school!

They also practice all over town. You name it - a tree, a door frame, a scoreboard, a soccer goal - if it's not moving, they'll climb it.

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