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Beijing, China

Buster in Beijing

Beijing, China

We went to China just after the Olympics, so we didn't see any of the competition. But I think I may have won a gold medal for eating noodles!

I love noodles. Did you know they were invented in China? From there, other cultures learned about them. They have so many different kinds of noodles in China. Watch noodles being made!

I found a recipe for cold sesame noodles. They're great for lunch on a warm day! Or for dinner. Or breakfast. Or, would you believe, a late-night snack?

In the morning, many Chinese people exercise in parks. They dance with ribbons, balance balls on paddles, juggle, or play jianzi. Jianzi is kind of like hackysack, but you kick a badminton birdie, or a coin attached to some feathers. Who knew exercising was so fun?

In China, they have very old things, very new things, and everything in between. Los Viajeros wrote about it in their song The Young and the Old.

We visited the Great Wall of China. It's over 4,000 miles long. That's wider than the U.S.! It's over 2,000 years old, and was built to protect China from invaders.

D.W. e-mailed me (with Arthur's help). She says she plans to build a mini Great Wall on their dinner table, to protect her desserts. I'm with her on this one!

We also met Youzhou, who raises pigeons for racing. Youzhou lives in a courtyard house on one of the many hutongs, or narrow alleyways, in Beijing.

In China people speak Chinese. Here are a few Chinese words I learned.
Listen Ni Hao Hello
Listen Zaoshang Hao Good morning

We visited with two girls who help raise money for charity. Chen Xi and a group of friends collect recycling. Then they give the profits to an orphanage.

Yiyi has been figure skating for five years now - and she's only eleven. She competed in a fund-raiser for Dreams Come True Foundation, and won gold! The foundation raises money for kids who are sick.

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