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San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, California

In San Francisco, we were looking for hip hop dancers, so we visited the Sunset Academy of Dance. We just followed the funky beats, and guess what? We found our dancers!

Darnell is a dance teacher. He teaches a group called Mini Shock. They're the best of the best: Briauna, Dariane, and Zack. They're in the video for Let the Dance Come Out, Los Viajeros' new song.

Hip hop dance began as a street dance. People would dance on street corners just for fun. Anybody could do it. Nowadays, you see hip hop dance everywhere: music videos, movies, even commercials.

Briauna and Dariane danced at the halftime show for the Golden State Warriors, a California basketball team. They danced in front of thousands of people. They weren't even nervous!

San Francisco has tons of hills. When you drive, it's like being on a roller coaster! But my dad made me stop putting my hands in the air at the top of every hill and yelling, "Whoo!" He said it was distracting.

They have cable cars there (kind of like subways and buses put together). They're pulled around the streets by underground cables. When they move, it's like magic, because you can't see the cables!

Arthur is thinking about installing a mini cable car in his house. Then, when we watched Bionic Bunny, it could transport food from the kitchen. We wouldn't even have to get up. I think that's a great idea!

I got great shots for the music video I was making: The Golden Gate Bridge! The cable cars! The hills and the sidewalks! It really gives you the flavor of the city. Hmm... I wonder what flavor Elwood City is?

Zack's dad is a firefighter. All the firefighters danced in my video. Hip hop really is for everyone! When the fire chief stopped by, he said it looked fun. Or... did he say "funny"? Either way, they had a great time!

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