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San Diego, CA, and Tijuana, Mexico

Your Friend, My Friend

San Diego, CA, and Tijuana, Mexico

I visited my pen pal in San Diego. It was great to meet him face to face! As a bonus, we walked to Mexico! Wait: did I say "walked to Mexico"?

Okay, we didn't walk ALL the way there. But San Diego is REALLY close to Mexico. After a short drive, we walked across the border. I had one foot in Mexico, and one foot in the U.S.!

Across the Border, Across the Sea is all about being a pen pal. And being a pen pal is all about being a friend.

My pen pal is Kyle. His family speaks English, but his classes in school are in Spanish! He says it was hard at first, but now he speaks English AND Spanish. Cool! Kyle even has another pen pal named Esteban who lives in Tijuana, Mexico.

Kyle says there's one important trick to writing good letters: ask lots of questions. When Kyle wrote to Esteban, he asked him what his home was like and what he likes to do for fun. Esteban wrote back about his sister, his dog, his turtles, and his favorite activity, soccer!

I also met Fern's pen pal Aziza. She loves animals, and wants to be a vet when she grows up. Francine's pen pal, Madison, has a sister who has curly hair. You can learn so much by asking questions!

Muffy wants me to tell everyone in Kyle's class that she wants more pen pals. Her butler is already printing hundreds of copies of the "Muffy Crosswire: All About Me" newsletter!

We went to Tijuana to meet Kyle's Mexican pen pal. (Aziza and Madison came to meet their pen pals, too.) All the kids were sort of shy at first. But soon - with a little help from ice cream - they were all like old friends. I guess kids are the same everywhere.

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