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Los Angeles, California

Buster Gets on Board

Los Angeles, California

While in Los Angeles, I visited Sue Ellen's pen pal Brandon. He skateboards, so I made a skateboard movie to send back home. Lights! Camera! Action!

Brandon and his friends are the El Sereno Skate Team. The best part of being on a team is that when someone's having a tough time, they cheer him on! That's what being on a team is all about.

Los Viajeros' L.A. song, We're In This Together, is all about teamwork. It describes the El Sereno Skate Team perfectly.

Brandon speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and "Skateboard." When he talked about ollies, carving, cavemen, and fakies, I had no idea what he was saying. But they're just skateboard moves!

Arthur reminded me that a while ago, we asked Toby and Slink - two Elwood City boys - to show us some skateboard moves. But they made me do a bunch of dares first, which was bad. But the El Sereno team just likes to teach! That's why they're great.

There is TONS of traffic in L.A. It takes forever to get anywhere. I think that's why Brandon loves to skate: it's much faster.

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