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Phoenix, Arizona

Swimming in the Desert

Phoenix, Arizona

It's weird. Phoenix is on the edge of a desert, but there's a swimming school here. Or maybe it makes sense: in all this heat, the pool is the coolest place to be!

I met Deni. He's wanted to be an Olympic swimmer ever since he was five years old. He trains at the Brophy Sports Campus.

While I was taping Deni's swim practice, I ate lots of snacks. I LOVE potato chips. Then I thought, maybe I could make my own! So here's my baked potato chip recipe.

Deni knows what he wants to do when he's older. But I'm still making up my mind. Los Viajeros talk about people's dreams in In Phoenix with You.

Six days a week, Deni stretches. Then he swims two miles. That's like 1,056 laps in the bathtub! Then he lifts weights. And then he runs. I get tired just writing it all down!

Francine says Deni inspired her to practice her soccer and baseball more. She plans to kick 1,056 goals, and hit 1,056 pop flies. That sounds like a lot, even for Francine!

Both Deni and his sister Natalie are adopted. Deni was born in Chile, and Natalie is from Brazil. Chile and Brazil are both in South America.

After Deni swims at the Olympics, he wants to become an astronaut. Hey, maybe I could be an astronaut, too. Then I could go meet aliens in space instead of waiting for them to come here!

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