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Talladega, AL

When I was in Alabama, Francine wanted me to do a news story on the Talladega Superspeedway. It's the biggest and fastest racecar track in the world! I went to the race track, but unfortunately it was closed.

But everything worked out okay. After the race track, I met Katie and Keyunna at the Alabama School for the Blind. That was quite a story! At their school they learn everything we learn back at Lakewood Elementary, plus extra things that kids who are blind need to know.

Hey! Los Viajeros wrote a song about me! It's called Buster Brings the News. It will be my theme song when I'm a world-famous news reporter.

My friend Katie is blind. She uses a cane. Her cane is white with a red stripe, and a plastic ball at the tip. Katie keeps the end of the cane on the ground in front of her. This lets her know if she needs to step up, step down, or go around something.

Some kids who are blind can't see anything, but some can see things if they're really close. And some kids at the Alabama School for the Blind are visually impaired, which means that they can see sort of okay, but not very well.

Katie and Keyunna took me to their school gym. We saw kids doing gymnastics, cheerleading, and roller skating. The kids who can see better help the kids who don't see so well.

Keyunna and her brother K.J. took me to their house. Good thing, too, because I was getting hungry. Their mom made a delicious dessert! Check out this recipe for Million-Dollar Pie.

Back at the school, Katie's brother Curtis showed me how he reads. He runs his fingers over Braille letters, which are raised dots on the page. He also showed me how a Braille typewriter works, and he typed my name. Then he and Katie had a Braille-writing race They tied!

Arthur reminded me that our friend Marina back in Elwood City, who is blind, has an online guide to Braille. To learn more, check out "You've Got Braille!"

There's a great "animal room" here at the school, full of statues made from real animals. This way the kids can "feel what the animals look like." You definitely don't want to feel what a LIVE lion looks like!

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