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Hi, I'm Buster.

Welcome to my Web site!

My dad was hired to fly a rock band called Los Viajeros on their concert tour. He invited me to join them, so I'm traveling all across North America - plus a few other places. Along the way, I'm meeting lots of new people!

To keep in touch with my friends in Elwood City, I send them video postcards. That seems to work well. But then I thought, hey: I should make a Web site, too! That way, ALL my friends can follow my travels.

So, I did it! My site has games, recipes, songs... Oh, yeah, and a blog.

Los Viajeros

A blog? That's a weird word, huh? At first I thought it was a kind of dessert! Then I learned that "blog" is short for "Web log." It's like an online diary. (I like to think of it as "Buster's log.") Everywhere I go, I write about what I see there and who I meet. Then all my friends can read about what I've been up to!

Each week I write about somewhere else, so come back often!


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