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1a Trouble At School
Brother has been kept home from school for a few days with the flu and neglects to do the schoolwork that Sister delivered from his teacher. As a result, Brother’s next math test mark is zero and he doesn’t know how to break the bad news to Mama and Papa. He turns to Gramps and Gran for help and learns that getting a problem out in the open, goes a long way toward solving it.

1b Visit the Dentist
When Sister gets her first loose tooth, Brother teases her that the dentist will extract it with a big yanking tool. After Sister watches Brother get a cavity filled, she discovers that her dentist is a very gentle fellow and he assures her that most baby teeth don’t need yanking. They fall out all on their own.

2a Mighty Milton
When a new cub at school is teased by Too-Tall and the gang for his lack of sporting ability, Brother takes it upon himself to help his new friend renew his self-esteem by finding value in the things he can do well.

2b Mama’s New Job
When Mama decides to open her own quilt shop, Papa and the cubs are convinced they won’t be able to cope around the house without her. However it’s only when they stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about supporting Mama and her new endeavour do Papa and the cubs band together to share the load and make it work.

3a Go To School
Too-Tall and the gang amuse themselves at Sister’s expense by warning her how hard third grade will be and how strict Teacher Jane is. Brother tries unsuccessfully to convince Sis not to worry. Mama reminisces about Sister starting kindergarten and reflects on how her daughter’s feelings back then were exactly the same. Sure enough, when Sister starts grade three she enjoys the new experience just like she did when she started kindergarten.

3b A Week at Grandma’s
When Mama and Papa go off on a second honeymoon, Brother and Sister are certain they’re in for the most boring time of their lives spending an entire week with their grandparents. However the cubs’ preconception that old people are boring does a complete turnaround as they end up having an even better time than their parents - thanks to their anything but boring grandparents.

4a Trouble With Pets
Brother and Sister adopt one of Farmer Ben’s new puppies and soon discover that having a pet is a big responsibility. When the two pet owners leave to play with friends, the puppy stays behind and destroys the livingroom. As a result, the puppy is banished to the backyard. Brother and Sister apologise for neglecting their duties and Mama and Papa decide to give the cubs and the puppy a second chance.

4b The Sitter
Brother and Sister do some damage in Mrs. Grizzle’s flowerbed while retrieving their baseball. Instead of stepping forward to apologize, the cubs get nervous and run home. As fate would have it, Mama arranges for Mrs. Grizzle to babysit the cubs that very night. Brother and Sister anticipate a very stern talking to, but are surprised by Mrs. Grizzle’s kindhearted manner.

5a Too Much TV
When Mama puts a ban on television watching for one whole week, the cubs initially go into hysterics. As the week unfolds, Brother, Sister and Papa too, find that their interests extend well beyond the television set. They grow to realize just how entertaining the great outdoors and other "simple" pleasures can be.

5b Trick or Treat
Brother and Sister plan to avoid Widder Jones’ house when they go trick or treating because neighbourhood lore has it that she’s a witch. Mama knows Widder Jones personally and tells the cubs what a sweet person she is. When the evening is over the cubs agree with Mama. They enjoyed visiting Widder Jones more than anyone else that Halloween.

6a Trouble With Money
When Mama and Papa refuse to buy Brother and Sister trendy overly expensive sport shirts, the cubs decide to earn the money themselves. However the cubs go overboard and get so caught up in everything from lemonade stands to dog walking services that they leave themselves no time for their friends. It’s only when they finally reach their goal that Brother and Sister realize the price tag has turned out to a lot bigger than they thought. Their blind pursuit of material things has cost them their friends.

6b Double Dare
Brother displays some real moxie when he attempts to get back Sister’s skipping rope from Too-Tall and his mischievous gang. Too-Tall thinks Brother has what it takes to join his gang. After Brother becomes a member he’s required to follow the leader...and that means trespassing on Farmer Ben’s property to swipe watermelons. Brother is the only one caught and Farmer Ben has a heart to heart talk with him about how to deal with peer pressure.

7a Out For the Team
Brother and Sister are good baseball players and both sign up to try out for the Bear Country Cardinals. The problem is, there’s only one position left on the team. Worried about the humiliating possibility of losing to his talented kid sister, Brother backs out of the competition. Sister has some encouraging words for Brother which inspire him to stick with it. The two cubs practice for the big tryout together.

7b ACount Their Blessings
Brother and Sister often complain that their friends have more things than they do. Mama and Papa tell them they should be thankful for all the things they do have. When a big thunderstorm rages outside and the power goes out, the cubs are reminded of how fortunate they are to have loving parents and a cozy home to live in. It’s a good time to count their blessings.

8a Slumber Party
Ensured by Sister that she knows the meaning of responsibility, Mama and Papa allow her to go to a sleep over at Lizzy’s house. However Mama and Papa are totally unaware that the Bruins have gone out and left a babysitter in charge. When practically every cub in town shows up at the party it gets so out of hand that when the Bruins return they call all the parents to come and take their cubs home. Although Mama and Papa agree that Sister is partially to blame, they also realize that if they had been a little more responsible themselves, they would have found out about the baby sitter early enough to nip it in the bud.

8b Homework Hassle
Brother complains that he’s given too much homework and that’s why he has fallen so far behind at school. Papa blames it on his highly distractive study environment and until Brother gets caught up, there’ll be no television, video games, loud music or chatting on the phone. When Brother decides to do a little homework every night, he finds it’s much easier to stay on top of his workload.

9a The Talent Show
Convinced that he doesn’t have any talent to offer for the upcoming school talent show, Brother is recruited to be the talent scout. Guided by Teacher Bob’s conviction that everyone has talent, Brother helps the other cubs discover their own special talents, and in so doing, discovers he also has a talent just as Teacher Bob suspected - a talent for finding talent.

9b The Haunted Lighthouse
When the Bear Family vacations in an old lighthouse rendered obsolete by modern technology, they discover that it’s rumoured to be haunted. Although the cubs encounter mysterious sights and sounds, they’re anything but spooked. In fact Brother and Sister actively pursue the clues to the point where they not only reveal the ’ghost’ but come up with a way to give new life to the old lighthouse as well as the old lighthouse keeper.

10a The Birthday Boy
With Mama and Papa too busy setting up Brother’s birthday party, Sister reluctantly decides to do her 'Tell Us About A Family Member' school assignment on Brother. However videotaping him for her project not only allows her to see a side of him she never saw before, it helps her realize just how much her big brother really means to her. Ultimately not only is Sister’s Birthday Boy video an A+ project, it also doubles as Brother’s best birthday gift ever.

10b The Green Eyed Monster
When Brother gets a brand new three speed racer, Sister’s envious feelings are personified in her dreams by a little green version of herself. This Green Eyed Monster convinces Sister to sneak Brother’s new bike out for a ride but when she does, Sister realizes too late that it’s too big for her and she can’t control it. Fortunately Brother and Papa rescue Sister before Brother’s bike can crash, then together they help chase the Green Eyed Monster away by jazzing up Brother’s old bike and giving it to Sister.

11a The Baby Chipmunk
When she adopts a baby chipmunk, Sister learns the hard way about trying to keep a non-domestic animal as a house pet. As a baby all the chipmunk does is eat and sleep. However, the bigger it grows the more active it gets and the more mess it makes and the more trouble it causes. Of course none of it’s intentional. That’s just the creature’s nature. But when it accidentally bites Papa, Sister finally realizes that if she really loves Little Brown Eyes, she’ll do what’s best for the chipmunk and return him to the outdoors where he belongs.

11b The Wishing Star
When Mama casually mentions the 'Star light, star bright' principle, Sister takes it to heart and wishes for a certain birthday gift and a better grade on her next math quiz. She gets both. However when the pony she wishes for doesn’t materialize, Papa helps Sister understand that she really got her first two wishes all by herself - her special birthday gift because she’d been so helpful around the house and the better math mark because she studied really hard for the quiz. Bolstered by this, Sister makes her pony wish come true by making a deal with Farmer Ben to help him pick his peas in exchange for being allowed to spend time with his retired farm horse Princess.

12a Get the Gimmies
Brother and Sister think they’re entitled to treats every time the family goes grocery shopping and Mama and Papa get tired of their Agimmie gimmie@ attitude. When Gramps and Gran drop by for a visit, they tell a touching story that inspires Brother and Sister to change their selfish ways and start thinking about others in need.

12b Lost in a Cave
When Papa leads the Bear Scouts on a spelunking expedition, it turns out Cousin Fred is afraid of dark, spooky caves. Through echos, fang toothed stalactites and creepy bats, the cubs help Fred realize there’s a logical explanation for everything and what may seem scary at first, often turns out to be nothing to be afraid of at all. However when the pack find themselves suddenly lost, it’s Fred’s cool thinking that leads them out.

13a Too Much Junk Food
Papa and the cubs decide to train together for the Annual Bear Country Run, but find their performance level isn’t increasing the way that it should. Dr. Grizzly informs them that exercise is important, but so is a healthy diet. When Papa and the cubs put away the junk food and eat more nutritious foods, their energy level is given the boost it needs to run the big race.

13b Go To Camp
The cubs have had a fantastic summer at day camp. When camp leader, Grizzly Ted, announces an end of summer sleep out at Skull Rock, everyone is excited...everyone except Sister. She’s anxious about sleeping outside. With the help of her friend Lizzy, Sister has a trial camp out in her own backyard and is able to overcome her anxiety of sleeping under the stars.

14a Excuse Note
Sister sees the upside of having a twisted ankle when she presents the teacher with a note from home, excusing her from the rigors of gym class. She prolongs her convalescence as long as she can, but when Teacher Jane spots her running and playing at recess, her respite from gym class is over. Ultimately, Sister wants to get in shape for the soccer team tryouts and realizes the hard work of gym class will help her become the athlete she hopes to be.

14b On the Job
When Teacher Bob assigns his class a project on what they'd like to do when they grow up, everyone seems to know where their interests lie except Brother. After exploring Bear Country to see what types of jobs there are, Brother discovers he's interested in many things. Now his problem is deciding which one to include in his project.

15a Too Small For the Team (Based on the book title "The Soccer Tryouts")
Sister is keen on joining the school soccer team, but Coach Brown thinks she still has some growing to do before she's ready to compete with the bigger cubs. Sister grudgingly accepts the position of team manager instead. It's a tough job and Sister's perseverance doesn't go unnoticed by the coach, who ultimately invites her to play in a big soccer match.

15b The Jump Rope Contest
When Sister is picked to represent her school in the upcoming Jump Rope Contest, it goes to her head. All the adulation from her friends has Sister convinced she can't lose...that is until Lizzy helps her discover that her competition is just as skilled at rope jumping as she is, if not more so. Although all her boasting has set her up for a big fall, thanks to Mama and her friends, Sister learns that anyone who tries their best is a winner.

16a The Bad Habit
Sister develops a habit of nail-biting and various attempts to find a remedy are unsuccessful. When Brother notices a connection between Sister's math anxiety and her nail-biting, he offers his services as a tutor. Sister's fingernails start growing back when she no longer worries about how to add and subtract fractions.

16b The Prize Pumpkin
Papa's longstanding friendship with Farmer Ben becomes strained when winning first place at a pumpkin growing contest becomes far too important. On Thanksgiving Day, after his pumpkin fails to take the blue ribbon, Papa is thankful that Farmer Ben still wants to be his friend in spite his unneighbourly behavior during the competition.

17a Ferdy Factual (Based on the book title "The Nerdy Nephew")
When Brother promises to help a new kid get settled in at school, he's shocked to discover that Ferdy Factual is a stuck up know-it-all that corrects everyone including Teacher Bob. Although Brother tries harder than most to be Ferdy's friend, the pint size genius continues to snub him. Regardless, when he becomes the laughing stock of the school, Ferdy finally realizes who his real friends are. Not only does Brother go to Ferdy's defence, his example helps Ferdy understand that sometimes the best way to make friends is to be one. In return, Ferdy takes the opportunity Brother presents to him to make it up to everyone by using his smarts to help the school football team win an important victory.

17b Lend a Helping Hand
En route to their friend's house, Brother and Sister stop to help the frail and elderly Widder Jones dispose of a fallen tree limb. The cubs soon wish they weren't so generous with their time when Mrs. Jones recruits them for other chores. While spending a Saturday cleaning out her attic, Brother and Sister come to enjoy the company of Widder Jones and find that lending a helping hand is a very rewarding experience.

18a The Big Blooper
While visiting her friend's house, Sister watches a video intended for a teenage audience. The movie contains some "colorful" language, which Sister innocently repeats at the Bears' dinner table. After Sister explains where she heard the offensive word, Mama tells her how their language has thousands of words to choose from, by picking words that show she respects the feelings of others, she'll be saying a lot about herself.

18b Nothing to Do
Mama finds Brother and Sister sad and grumpy because they have nothing to do. She suggests a number of entertaining things, but the cubs reject each one in turn. Not wanting them to suffer from boredom any longer, Mama finds jobs that need to be done around the house. All of a sudden the cubs have a change of heart; the entertaining things she suggested earlier now sound pretty good. However, seeing Mama and Papa working so hard compels Brother and Sister to roll up their sleeves and help with the work.

19a House of Mirrors
When something she overhears mistakenly leads Sister to believe she has 'big ears', nothing Mama can do will convince her otherwise. So instead Mama takes Sister to the carnival and to the House of Mirrors where their mirror images distort them in every way, shape and form imaginable - fat, thin, stretched, squished, until finally Sister finds herself staring at a mirror that makes her ears look truly elephantine. By comparison, Sister realizes that her ears are not big and that bears come in all shapes and sizes. The important thing is that our inner goodness speaks to who we are much more than our outward appearance does.

19b Too Much Pressure
Between Brother's baseball, soccer and karate, Sister's gymnastics, art and swimming, Mama's quilting club and PTA and Papa's furniture orders and town council reforestation committee, the Bear Family can hardly squeeze in a visit to Gran and Gramps'. Devising a huge schedule board to try to keep track of who's coming and who's going where and when, they're surprised to discover it's completely filled. Ultimately things come to a head as Mama finds herself in a situation where she and the cubs are supposed to be in three places at once. At the same time, the car breaks down...and so does Mama. Realizing that they just have too much pressure, the Bear Family decide to cut down on the number of their activities. That way, with the pressure off, they all now have the time to truly enjoy the things they do.

20a Visit Fun Park
A ream of free ride tickets given to Mama at the supermarket prompts the Bear family to go to the amusement park. Brother boasts to friends and family that he'll fearlessly ride the legendary Thunderbolt roller coaster. However, when Brother sees how scary the ride actually is, he spends the rest of his day desperately trying to avoid it. The moment of reckoning for his boastful behavior comes as Brother is about to board the dreaded ride and backs out at the last moment.

20b The Perfect Fishing Spot
Deciding that they're going to make Gran and Gramps' anniversary dinner special, Papa sets out to catch a prize winning fish as the main course and Mama sets out to make one of her blue ribbon pies for dessert. However one thing after the other gets in their way to the point they find themselves with no fish, no pie and no time. Ultimately it's the cubs who help Mama and Papa realize that it's not what's on the table but who comes to it that makes a dinner special.

21a The Summer Job
Brother and Sister are given the opportunity to learn about farming when they spend their summer working with Farmer Ben. They experience the joys and sorrows of working in a field so intrinsically linked to the whims of Mother Nature. As the summer ends the cubs harvest their own crop of sweet corn and gain a new appreciation for the effort that goes into farming.

21b The Big Red Kite
When a store window full of colourful novelty kites gets the cubs excited about entering a kite-flying contest, Brother and Sister are surprised when Papa suggests they build their own kite instead of buying one. Together Papa and the cubs build a big old style kite, which turns out to be too big to fly without an equally big wind. Regardless, instead of buying a store bought kite for the contest like all the other cubs, Brother and Sister decide to take their chances on 'Big Red'. To them, it's no longer about winning or losing; it's about taking pride in something they've made. They just want to see Big Red fly. As luck would have it, the wind picks up and, as all the store bought kites crash to the ground, Big Red flies so high, all the contestants join in and have a great time flying it.

22a Too Much Vacation
From the moment the Bear Family arrives at their mountain cabin, Papa's promise of 'the best vacation ever' begins going down hill like an alpine avalanche. Not only is the cabin a shack, but also the lake has more weeds than the Sargasso Sea and the only thing biting are the mosquitoes. It becomes increasingly difficult for Papa to keep a smile on his face as he slips down muddy slopes, breaks through the bottom of the rotten rowboat and is chased by little forest critters. Ultimately it rains so much, the run off floods them out and carries a sleeping Papa out to the middle of the lake on his mattress. That's the last straw. Papa's best vacation ever has turned out to be the worst vacation ever. It's only when the cubs show Papa the snapshots they've been taking of him and the so called calamities that he finally realizes how much fun they've been having all along because having fun is just a matter of attitude.

22b Trouble With Grown Ups
In order to convey that it's tough being a cub, Brother and Sister put on a play, which comically depicts their parents as overbearing tyrants. The cubs are pleased when Mama and Papa agree they see the cubs' point. However when Mama and Papa offer to switch places with Brother and Sister and let them be the parents, the cubs readily agree. It's only after the cubs realize they're responsible for doing the dishing, making the meals and keeping the house in order that they come to the conclusion, and see Mama and Papa's point, that sometimes it's just as tough being a parent as it is being a cub.

23a Go To The Doctor
The cubs' younger cousin, Honey is apprehensive about going to the doctor's office for a checkup. Sister dispels Honey's fear of the unknown by setting up a pretend doctor's office and taking Honey through all the procedures of a checkup, using the instruments in her toy doctor's bag.

23b Don't Pollute (Anymore)
Looking for something to do their environmental school project on, Brother and Sister visit Professor Actual Factual at the Bearsonian Institute. Not only do they discover that too much trash in Bear Country is a big problem, they also learn about endangered species such as the Bumbleberry tree - one of which Papa is intending to cut down to make a very special table. By showing them how to recycle eggshells as plant fertilizer, Mama helps the cubs discover that even little cubs like them can help reduce waste. Not only do the cubs spread the word to their friends who come up with their own ways to recycle, they help Papa realize he should help the environment by planting new trees instead of cutting them down.

24a The In Crowd
When a snooty new girl with a snazzy new mountain bike and all the latest fashions moves into town, Sister finds herself torn between practising for the upcoming Double-Dutch contest and trying to fit in with the new girl's In-Crowd. Sister finally decides to hang up her beloved skipping rope and starts dressing and acting like the others. However, although her new clothes help Sister fit in with the In-Crowd, seeing herself in them makes her realize that she's trying to be something she's not and she decides, once and for all, that she likes her pink jumper, she likes her hair ribbon, she likes her Double-Dutch and most of all, she likes herself just the way she is.

24b Fly It
Brother and Freddy team up to try and create an innovative flying device for their fifth grade science project. Their hopes are dashed after a series of unsuccessful test flights and they decide to give up on the whole notion of being inventors. After having a talk with veteran inventor, Professor Actual Factual, the two cubs are encouraged to keep trying and ultimately they succeed in making a balloon-propelled aircraft that impresses the entire class.

25a By The Sea
When the Bear family arrives at their vacation beach house, the cubs balk at spending any time unpacking and cleaning. They want to go swimming immediately. Seeing the opportunity to teach the cubs a lesson about family cooperation, Mama and Papa decide to join the cubs on the beach. When the cubs realize their swimsuits are hopelessly buried somewhere in the trunk of the car, they become more willing to help their parents.

25b Catch The Bus
Brother's tardiness has become such an inconvenience for others, that he's given a wristwatch to correct the behavior. The watch gives Brother with the time, but not the will to be on time and he continues making excuses. Not until Lenny causes Brother to be late for a movie does Brother realize how inconsiderate it is keep others waiting.

26a Family Get Together
The Bears are hosting a family reunion, but the cubs doubt they'll enjoy spending time with relatives they've never met. The cubs' first impression of two cousins only confirms their opinion; Sylvester and Penelope are just too different to consider getting acquaintance with. However, as the day unfolds, Brother and Sister get to know them better and discover they've not only met new cousins, they've made new friends too.

26b The Stinky Milk Mystery
When Bother and Sister accidentally allow Farmer Ben's cows to get loose from their pen, his farm dog helps herd them back and the cubs decide not to tell Farmer Ben, afraid he won't invite them back for another visit. However when the cows' milk mysteriously turns sour, the cubs fear that something must have happened when the cows were loose and that they're responsible. Now they're doubly afraid to tell the truth. Twigging that something is up, Papa casually tells the cubs a story about how he once made things a lot worse when he didn't fess up to something he did. That's enough to help the cubs make the right decision and they race off back to Farmer Ben's and tell him what happened. Farmer Ben is pleased they told the truth and that they've learned their lesson and the cubs are relieved to find that the cows are fine. Their milk only went sour because they must have eaten onion weed when they were out of the pen.

27a The New Neighbours
When the family next door moves away, Papa, Mama and the cubs all hope their new neighbours will be just like their old ones. But when the new neighbours turn out to be nothing at all like the old ones, the Bear Family has trouble adjusting and can't seem to warm up to them. But, by focusing on who their new neighbours are instead of who they aren't, the Bear Family learns to appreciate their differences and realizes the new neighbours are just as great as the old ones - in their own way.

27b The Big Election
When Papa's complaints to City Hall about all the potholes around town seem to be falling on deaf ears, he decides to take matters into his own hands and run for Mayor. While trying to take care of everyone's concerns, Papa ends up promising everything to everyone and soon discovers that Mayor Honeypot's job is no easy task. In the end, Papa decides he can fulfil his civic responsibility much better by being part of the solution instead of part of the problem, so he helps lighten the Mayor's load by organizing a group of volunteers to repair the potholes themselves.

28a The Giant Mall
When the Bear Family visit the new mall, they're amazed by the sheer size of it. It's huge. Mama goes over a few "mall" rules - so they don't get lost, and what they should do in the event they do get separated from the family. Of course Papa has no concerns about such rules, proclaiming that a wise old grown up woods bear like himself never gets lost. Papa soon finds out that rules are for everyone when he's the one who ends up having to be rescued from the 'little lost cubs' station by Mama, Brother and Sister.

28b The Giddy Grandma
When Sister is hard pressed to find 'The Bear I Admire Most' to write about for her school project, she visits Grizzly Gran to borrow a book on the 100 Most Famous Bears. While digging through Gran's attic for the book, they discover so many awards and trophies from Gran's younger years that Sister decides her grandma is the bear that she truly admires most.

29a Think Of Those In Need
When Brother and Sister have to clean their room, they find they have more things than places to store it all. They decide to donate their extra games, puzzles and books to the Home For Retired Bears. Later, Brother discovers that he has given away a book he wanted to keep. In the process of searching the Retirement Home for his accidental donation, he and Sister visit with some of the elderly residents and learn how rewarding it is to share their time with others.

29b The Hiccup Cure
Papa Bear accepts the prestigious job of making a one-of-a-kind chair for the Squire, but then learns the order must be filled by the next day for Mrs. Squire's birthday. Racing against time, Papa breaks from work only to eat, gobbling down his food as fast as he can. Unfortunately, a recurring case of the hiccups hinders Papa from meeting his deadline. Consulting Dr. Bear, Papa learns his problem is caused from eating too quickly. With his hiccups under control, Papa is able to complete the Squire's chair with a steady hand and a healthier digestive system.

30a Go To The Movies
When Mama decides the Bear Family needs to spend more quality time together, all that can be managed is a movie night. Although silently staring at a movie screen isn't Mama's idea of 'quality time together', it's all the Bear Family's busy schedules will allow. Unfortunately, most of their movie night is spent just trying to get to the theatre, and inevitably, between a spooky detour to Squire's Mansion, running out of gas on a dark country road, etc. they arrive too late to see the film. Nevertheless, they realize that all their mishaps getting to the theater have provided the members of the Bear Family with a wonderful, fun filled evening of adventure. And the best part about it was they enjoyed it together as a family.

30b The Car Trip
The cubs are excited about going on a family trip - until they find out the destination is not Grizzlyland, but a tour of Bear Country's National Parks. Mama says that if they're more open-minded about new experiences, it could lead to a world of adventure. It turns out Mama is right. The cubs are surprised when they discover there's more fun and adventure on their trip than any amusement park could ever offer.

31a Pet Show
Brother wants to take part in the local pet show, but Sister has already entered their dog, Little Lady and the show entrance is limited to one owner per pet. Grizzly Gran offers to let Brother take her pet parakeet as his entry. Brother's initial enthusiasm wanes when he discovers that the bird can do nothing more than make odd sounds. When Gran explains that these sounds imitate noises around the house, Brother sees the potential for an entertaining sound effects act, starring, Little Bird Blue.

31b Pick Up And Put Away
Instead of tidying up their room like Mama suggests, Brother spends his time building an amazing birdhouse for the next Bear Scouts merit badge. But he learns a hard and valuable lesson about being organized when he gets caught up in all the junk lying around his room, and trips and accidentally falls on his birdhouse, crushing it. With Mama's guidance, Brother, along with Sister, find places for everything and put everything in its proper place. Although Brother doesn't earn the merit badge for birdhouse building, he does earn an even better merit badge - the one for organization.

32a Hug and Make Up
The cubs and their friends all have acts to practice for a backyard circus they're putting on. Sister has perfected a bicycle stunt that looks very impressive - that is until Brother does the same routine riding a unicycle. In the interest of a better show, Sister graciously bows out to make room for Brother's more entertaining act. When Brother comes to realize how he's hurt Sister's feelings, he apologizes and makes an effort to teach her how to ride the unicycle before the big show.

32b The Big Road Race
When Brother and his pals decide they're going to join forces and build a car for the upcoming go cart race, Cousin Fred puts himself in charge of designing the car, Too Tall puts himself in charge of getting the parts, and Brother puts himself in charge of building it. That leaves nothing for Little Kenny, the younger cub they let hang around with them, to contribute. That is until the day of the race when the trio realize they've forgotten the wheels. That's when Little Kenny rises to the call and volunteers his wagon wheels, demonstrating to one and all that sometimes the one with the least to offer, offers the most.

33a Gotta Dance
The Bear Country Spring Fling is coming up and Mama and Papa are going to kick it off with a dance demonstration. But Papa is so busy building the stage that he doesn't have time to practice with Mama, so she conscripts Brother as her dance practice partner. There's only one catch - Brother can't dance and doesn't even want to try because he feels he'll look silly. But thanks to Mama, Brother learns that dance moves are a lot like sports moves which he's more than capable of and comfortable with - so much so that Brother fills in for Papa in the real dance demonstration.

33b Attic Treasure
While digging through the attic looking for something of historic importance to donate to the History of Bear Country exhibit, Mama, Papa and the cubs come across all sorts of family mementos. They reminisce about Papa and Brother's first father & son ball game, Mama and Papa's wedding day, and the day Sister was born. Although none of the keepsakes are of any historical importance to Bear Country, the Bear Family learn that having a chance to share their family's past is a way of bringing them closer together.

34a The Bad Dream
Brother and Sister love the Space Grizzlies TV show, but recently, Sister finds that a new villain character is just a little too scary for her. In fact, it's becoming harder and harder to avoid him - he's on the TV, he's one of Brother's modelling clay sculptures, and ultimately, the Space Grizzly character ends up in one of her dreams. When Sister tells Mama about her bad dream, Mama reassures her that it is always best to talk to someone about things you find scary because it makes you feel better. Sister does feel better, and like Mama did for her, Sister helps Brother feel better by being there for him to talk to when he has his own bad dream.

34b Moving Day
The cubs are sad when they hear that their friends down the street are moving away. Sister vows that she's never going to move. In fact, she's always going to live right there in the tree house where the Bear Family has always lived. It's a big surprise to Sister when Mama and Papa tell her that they used to live somewhere else and they too moved away - to the tree house they live in now. In relating the story, Mama and Papa help Brother and Sister see the positive side of moving. In turn, Brother and Sister help their friends see the positives as well - new adventures, new friends, a place better suited to a growing family, etc. And of course they all promise to stay in touch and share everything through their letters.

35a White Water Mystery
At a weekend cub camp, Too Tall and the gang make a mess out of everything from pitching their tent to tie-dying t-shirts - all because Too Tall is too self-conscious to ask anyone for help. He professes to know everything to the point where he even accepts a canoe race challenge from Cousin Fred. But the night before the race, Too Tall secretly admits to Brother that he has no idea how to paddle a canoe and asks for his help. Brother is more than happy to oblige and gives him a crash course, which not only allows Too Tall to save face the next day at the race, but helps him learn that there's nothing wrong with not knowing something or asking for help.

35b Say Please and Thank You
Brother and Sister seem to have forgotten some important manners - like saying "please" when they need something, or saying "thank you" when something gets done for them. In fact, a lack of manners seems to be the norm around Bear Country school as well. After a few incidents are relayed to Mama and Papa during dinner, the cubs are reminded about the importance of saying please and thank you, and how much those three little words show appreciation and respect for others, and the things people do for them. Brother and Sister set out on a Please and Thank You mission at school the next day. Before long, the cubs' manners and show of appreciation start rubbing off on everyone, culminating in the school's presentation of a plaque and big round of thanks to the school's caretaker, Grumpy Grizzly.

36a Showdown At Birder's Wood
When Too Tall and the gang decide they're going to build 'a most excellent' tree fort in a big old tree in Birder's Wood, Brother, Sister and their pals try to convince the gang otherwise in order to protect a rare bird nesting in the same tree. As the situation escalates, the two sides find themselves locked in a stalemate, both sides believing they are right. Ultimately the standoff is ended as Papa helps the cubs come up with a compromise - one that allows the gang their most excellent tree house as well as ensures the safety of the bird and it's nest.

36b Help Around The Workshop
In an attempt to help him save time, Mama puts Papa's workshop in order. She puts every one of his tools away in its own special place so he doesn't have to waste time digging around for it. Although it seemed like a good idea, Papa finds Mama's organization has actually cost him more time because he has to go ask Mama where she put each tool every time he needs one of them. Ultimately Papa discovers there's more than one way to do something right. With Brother's help, he combines his way of having everything out where he can see it along with Mama's way of having everything in it's place by arranging all his tools on a big peg board - each one neatly in its own place, but out where he can see it.

37a That Stump Must Go
Papa and the cubs each have a problem. No matter what he tries, Papa can't remove an old tree stump that's obstructing his view of his garden. No matter what Brother and Sister try, the scarecrow they're building for Papa's garden actually attracts the birds instead of scaring them away. It's only after Mama challenges them to look for the good side of their situations that Papa and the cubs find resolutions. Papa decides to leave the stump and turn it into a base for a garden table, and the cubs decide to make the scarecrow even more attractive to the birds - then place it far away from the garden so they stay away from it completely.

37b Draw It
Brother is pretty good at drawing faces, but he would like to be better at it. When given the chance, he joins Mr. Drewbeary's art class. To his disappointment, instead of drawing faces, the teacher has them drawing circles and squares instead. It's only through helping a younger cub learn the importance of practising stance and posture in order to hit home runs better that Brother realizes the same goes for drawing where he too must learn the basics before going onto the next step.

38a Papa's Pizza
Brother and Sister are having all of their friends over for a party, and want to serve something that all of them will like to eat. When they poll their pals for everyone's dietary likes and dislikes, they're shocked to discover their friends all like and dislike different things. Although Mama and Papa explain that there's nothing wrong with liking and disliking different things as it helps make each of us 'special', it doesn't help the cubs with their party menu. It's Papa that comes to the rescue when he suggests they celebrate everyone's individuality by providing their party guests with the ingredients to make everyone a personal pizza of their own.

38b Female Fullback
Instead of practising, Brother, Cousin Fred and Too Tall discover an easier way of winning the big football game - in the form of Betsy Broom. Betsy can run faster than Brother, she can jump higher than Too Tall and dodge quicker than Cousin Fred. In exchange for her promise to help them win the game, the boys gladly agree to help Betsy practice her track and basketball and ballet. The boys soon find it's not easy keeping up with Betsy but by striving to do so, they discover they've improved on certain skills they needed to be better football players. So much so in fact, that they go out and win the big game - without Betsy. As it turns out, this was her plan all along.

39a Bears For All Seasons (based on the book title "All Year Round")
When the cubs find their outdoors plans repeatedly cancelled because of unseasonable weather changes, instead of moping around the house, Mama gets them outside where they inevitably find all sorts of seasonable things to do. Whether it's playing in the leaves, going for hikes or making snowbears, thanks to Mama, the cubs learn not to waste today wishing it were yesterday, and to make the most of what each day has to offer.

39b Grow It
When the fur on the top of Sister's head gets a severe cutting to get rid of a tangle of burrs, she can't wait for it to grow back. But it seems to be taking forever to grow, just like the seed she planted for science class at school. She tries to be patient on both fronts, but waiting is just too hard to do. That is until Gramps shares a story about how he too found it hard to be patient when he was young, and discovered the secret to being patient is finding something to occupy the time - to take your mind off what you're waiting for.

40a Go Up And Down
When Papa takes the cubs to the Bruin's cottage, he's in such a hurry to get fishing, he dismisses the cubs' suggestion to think ahead and plan out everything they'll need to take with them. He rushes down the long windy staircase that leads to the water far below - only to find himself climbing back up the stairs again and again to get something else they need from the cottage. They've forgotten quite a few things - lifejackets, oars, sunhats, the fishing netůso Papa goes up and down and up and down, wearing himself out. It's only when the cubs take it upon themselves to think ahead, make a list and take everything they need with them that Papa can finally sit back and enjoy a day of fishing.

40b Big Bear, Small Bear
When he's given his very own key to the tree house, Brother feels so 'all grown up' that he turns his back on frivolous 'cub games' in favour of doing 'important grown up jobs' with Papa. But when Papa can't find a way to help Ms. Grizzle gain access to her accidentally locked house, it's Brother who shinnies up a nearby tree to an open window like only a cub can. Realizing that cubs can do important jobs too, like taking care of their pets, helping their family and siblings, Brother decides not to be in such a rush to be 'all grown up' and rejoins the cub fun with his friends.


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