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Coloring Pages and On-Line Coloring
The skill associated with coloring and its contribution to development often go unnoticed by parents. However, coloring actually requires the utilization of an extensive skills set, including the following: extensive use of fine motor skills for detailed work, ability to maneuver a mouse with a high level of precision, ability to recognize colors and shapes, logical reasoning necessary for attributing logical color schemes to appropriate places (i.e., red lips instead of green ones, green grass instead of purple).

Computer coloring increases the level of difficulty associated with coloring. Because online coloring requires a higher level of mouse control, this activity helps develop finer motor skills.

'Learn to Draw' and 'Finish the Picture' Pages:
These printable activities encourage children to mimic an image they see by recreating it. These activities promote drawing skills and creativity.

Flip & Match Game:
This concentration game encourages children to find the matching pictures. This activity promotes matching skills, memory, and concentration.

Connect the dots Activity:
This activity poses a question to the child, and has him/her reveal the answer by connecting the dots and spelling out a word. When the word is spelled correctly, the answer is presented as a visual picture. This game can develop both spelling and critical thinking skills

The Berenstain's Picnic:
In this game, the user's objective is to help each member of the Berenstain Bear family get ready for a picnic. Each family member will be responsible for packing a list of items that they must find around the house. This game will help kids learn how to follow instructions, and promotes the idea of working as a team to get the job done.

The Berenstain Bears: Dress a Bear Activity:
This fun activity allows users to select a bear from the Berenstain family and dress them up in different clothes and decorate their rooms. The activity promotes creativity and expression and allows them to print out their creations when they are done to make their very own Berenstain Bears family album!

What's Wrong?:
The objective of this game to find all of the things wrong in the picture. Users have to use their sense of reason to determine what does and doesn't belong in each scene. The activity also promotes concentration and rewards the player when they find all of the wrong items in the pictures.

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