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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterJuly, 2008
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THIS ISSUE'S THEME: Vacation time again!


TOP STORY: Lots of Fun in Washington!
by Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture

Arthur and I (and our families) just got back from Washington, D.C.! We had lots of fun!

The National Museum of Natural History was great. They have these HUGE dinosaur skeletons. It would be so cool if one came alive! Then Arthur reminded me that a dinosaur in a museum would probably wreck the whole place. So I guess it's better if they just stay the way they are. (*sigh*)

They have these awesome jewels there, too! One is called the Hope Diamond. It's the biggest blue diamond in the world. (I didn't even know there WERE blue diamonds. I thought they were all clear.) D.W. said she'd like it for her birthday. Her dad said "We'll see." (I'm pretty sure that means "no.")

Then we went to the International Spy Museum. I thought it would be really hard to find (you know, with the way spies hide and everything), but it was right there in the middle of the city. It wasn't even wearing a fake moustache or anything! (Frankly, I was a little disappointed.) But the inside is really neat. We learned about tiny cameras, super disguises, and the Navajo Code Talkers. I could tell you more, but then I'd have to hypnotize you to make you forget, and that would take too long. (Spies are very secretive!)

Ready for some cool detective work? Then sneak on over to Effective Detective!


By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture

Fill in the missing letters to complete the state names below. Those missing letters, in order, will spell out a secret vacation message!

  1. new __ampshire
  2. tex__s
  3. __ermont
  4. t__nnessee
  5. florid__
  6. washin__ton
  7. geo__gia
  8. minn__sota
  9. nebrask__
  10. south dako__a
  11. ala__ka
  12. __tah
  13. wyo__ing
  14. __aryland
  15. p__nnsylvania
  16. califo__nia

When you've found all the missing letters, put them here, in order:
__ __ __ __
__ __ __ __ __
__ __ __ __ __ __ !

Want to do a bit more traveling? Then explore my home town with the Elwood City Map!


WHY IS WASHINGTON, D.C. SO BIG?: A Preschooler's Tale
By D.W. Read, as told to Arthur Read

D.W. Read's Byline Picture

Why is there always so much walking on vacations?

We went to the Washington Monument. It's a giant white tower, and is very pointy on top. I asked Mom if they made George Washington sit way up there (ouch!). She said the tower wasn't yet built when he was around. "Lucky for him!" I said.

Then we had to walk to the Lincoln Memorial. First of all, you can see it from the Washington Monument. But it's still a REALLY LONG WALK. I thought we'd never get there. Plus, the whole time you're walking by a big pool, but YOU CAN'T GO IN. It 's not fair! Why should the ducks have all the fun?

When we finally got there, we had to climb about a million steps! At the top there's a big statue of Abraham Lincoln. Arthur asked why Lincoln was sitting down. I said, "If I had to climb those steps every day, I'd be sitting down, too!" All the parents laughed, but I was serious. That happens all the time. It drives me crazy. And then when I tell jokes, no one laughs.

I just don't understand adults sometimes...

For more about Washington, D.C., visit Buster's blog about ANOTHER trip he took here.


By Arthur Read

Here are the completed states. The missing letters are capitalized.

  1. new Hampshire
  2. texAs
  3. Vermont
  4. tEnnessee
  5. floridA
  6. washinGton
  7. geoRgia
  8. minnEsota
  9. south dakoTa
  10. alaSka
  11. Utah
  12. wyoMing
  13. Maryland
  14. pEnnsylvania
  15. califoRnia

And here is your secret message: