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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterApril, 2008
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TOP STORY: The Past and the Present!
by Arthur Read

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Spring is here (finally!). And just how is spring different from winter? Let's take a look!

  1. Lots of snow. This year, it felt like it was ALWAYS snowing (around here at least).
  2. And lots of snow means... lots of shoveling. Of course, D.W. would always "help" by THROWING SNOWBALLS AT ME WHILE I WAS SHOVELING! Thanks a lot! (By the way, D.W., JUST KIDDING. It was NOT helpful. I think my snow pants are STILL damp from all that snow.)
  3. What's the deal with winter days being so short? By the time I get up and go to school, the sun is already setting. Then it's really dark when you try to go outside in the late afternoon. Too bad Buster and I never figured out how to strap those flashlights onto our sleds ....
  1. More playing outside!
  2. Flowers bloom!
  3. D.W. can't throw snowballs at me!
  4. More playing outside!
  5. Longer days!
  6. Time to break out the baseball and the bike! Plus get out the comics to read in the tree house!
  7. Birds sing!
  8. And ... more playing outside! (Or have I mentioned that already?)

I tried to use only facts here. But maybe you think I included some opinions, too. Discover the difference in Facts and Opinions!


SPRING AND SPRING: A Game of Many Meanings
By Buster Baxter

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"Spring" is a season. "Spring" also means "to jump up."

Here are some more words with double meanings. Can you figure out which words go with which sentences? Hint: Be sure to use each word twice!

Example: The word "steps" could complete these TWO sentences ...

There are ____________ in front of our school. You must follow a lot of __________ to make a birdhouse.

Okay, here you go! Here are your four words:

Place each one in TWO of the following sentences. Can you get them all in the right spots?

A car needs gas to __________.
It's good exercise to __________ around the block.
I can't stand it when coins __________ under the couch.
I like my hot dog on a __________ with a little mustard.
Francine kicked the ball left, then __________, and then scored a goal!
Just because Brain is smart, doesn't mean he's always __________.
It's fun to __________ a parade.
Muffy looked at her __________ to see what time it was.

Want to challenge your brain some more? Then head on over to The Tibble Super Action Challenge!


FOOD TIPS: Spring Training
By Francine Frensky

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A good diet is always important. Also with summer activities like softball, soccer, and b-ball just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get in shape. Good foods give you the fuel you need to play all day!

So, I like to eat...

Lots of fruits and veggies: fresh, frozen, or canned, they're all tasty (and good for you)!

Whole-grain breads, pastas, and cereals.

Meat, eggs, and dairy products with lots of protein.

And SOME desserts (just don't overdo it!).

Basically, I like a good, balanced diet to keep me strong and healthy.

As for getting a lot of home runs, goals, and baskets? That just takes a lot of practice!

For more food fun, play Lunch-O-Matic.


SPRING AND SPRING: A Game of Many Meanings - SOLVED
By Buster Baxter

Some words MIGHT be able to fit in more than one spot, but here's the best way for ALL the words to fit.

  1. A car needs gas to RUN.
  2. It's good exercise to RUN around the block.
  3. I can't stand it when coins ROLL under the couch.
  4. I like my hot dog on a ROLL with a little mustard.
  5. Francine kicked the ball left, then RIGHT, and then scored a goal!
  6. Just because Brain is smart, doesn't mean he's always RIGHT.
  7. It's fun to WATCH a parade.
  8. Muffy looked at her WATCH to see what time it was.