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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterOctober, 2007
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TOP STORY: Apple Picking
by Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture

It's Autumn, and around here that means apple picking! We visit a local orchard, pick some apples, and have a great time.

Sometimes the apples are hard to reach. Not for Francine, though. She uses her jumping skills (she's very good at basketball) to grab apples. Brain can't jump as high, so he made robot shoes that extend up to seven feet tall. They're incredible!

Unfortunately for Muffy, she kept getting chased by bees. (We told her not to wear that sweet perfume, but did she listen? Noooo.) So she mostly stayed in her limousine. We picked extra apples for her, and handed them to her through her window.

Buster chants the names of food while he picks apples: "Apple pie... apple crisp... apple cider... apple sauce... baked apples... apple slices... apples with peanut butter." It relaxes him, but it just makes me hungry!

And D.W.? We saw her doctor there, and then D.W. talked non-stop about how "if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then how could her doctor even set foot in an apple orchard that was FULL of apples?" I explained that it's not like an "apple force field" that kept doctors away, but that the nutrients in apples help keep you healthy. Sisters!

Anyway, we all had a lot of fun. It sure feels like fall around here!

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FRANCINE'S FRUIT FUN: Figure Out the Fruit
By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture

Each word below is missing one of these letters: E, N, or P. Can you figure out which letter to add to each word to make a fruit? (Note: ALL missing letters in a single word are the same letter.)


B L A C K B _ R R I _ S: Add an "E" to make "BLACKBERRIES."

1) _ L U M

2) C H _ R R I _ S

3) _ E A C H

4) B A _ A _ A

5) B L U _ B _ R R I _ S

6) G R A _ E S

7) _ E C T A R I _ E

8) A _ _ L E

9) W A T _ R M _ L O N

10) _ E A R

Looking to figure out some other stuff? Then play Buster's Movie Maker, and figure out how to help him make the best movie he can!


HAVING A SNOW BALL: Prepare Early!
By Binky Barnes

Binky Barnes' Byline Picture

It's never too early to prepare for winter snowball fights. With the proper training, you can be "Ruler of the Snow Hill" just like me! You just need practice in these five areas:


  1. Arm Strength: Needed for distance throwing. 30 pushups every morning should do it.
  2. Finger Strength: You have to pack those snowballs tight. I recommend squeezing your own orange juice every morning -- by hand!
  3. Accuracy: Without good aim, you're just tossing snow! I find that throwing acorns at oak trees is the best way to improve your aim.
  4. Stamina: Make sure you don't tire too quickly. I jog around the block five times every day.
  5. Snowball Formation: This one is my secret weapon, because lots of people don't think about it. All you have to do is ask Brain to give you a lesson on aerodynamics. (That's the science of how things travel through the air.) He MAY be suspicious at first - he was with me, anyway - but he LOVES to teach, so I know he'll do it.

There you go! Just follow my "Binky Barnes Exercise Plan for Snowball Domination," and you'll be unbeatable this winter. Good luck!

Need more Binky? Play Binky's Facts and Opinions!


FEATURED ARTICLE: New Postcards from You!
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture

Kids from all over the world have been sending in Postcards from You! There are kids who play ping-pong, kids who step, kids who hike, and tons more! It's like having your own huge group of pen pals. So come meet some great kids. You should send in your own Postcard from YOU! We might even put it on the Web site, or the show!

Watch some video clips, and learn all about "Postcards From You".


FRANCINE'S FRUIT FUN: Fruit All Figured Out!
By Francine Frensky

Here are the answers! Did you get them all?

  1. _ L U M: Add a "P" to make "Plum."
  2. C H _ R R I _ S: Add an "E" to make "Cherries."
  3. _ E A C H: Add a "P" to make "Peach."
  4. B A _ A _ A: Add an "N" to make "Banana."
  5. B L U _ B _ R R I _ S: Add an "E" to make "Blueberries."
  6. G R A _ E S: Add a "P" to make "Grapes."
  7. _ E C T A R I _ E: Add an "N" to make "Nectarine."
  8. A _ _ L E: Add a "P" to make "Apple."
  9. W A T _ R M _ L O N: Add an "E" to make "Watermelon."
  10. _ E A R: Add a "P" to make "Pear."