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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterJuly, 2007
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THIS ISSUE'S THEME: It's summer -- oh, yeah!


TOP STORY: Music Madness
by Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Arthur has this really fun thing on his computer. It lets you record your own songs. It has built-in instrument sounds, so even with only two of us, we can sound like a whole band! Problem is, the computer can't help with writing the words. It's pretty tough...

"Bionic Bunny"

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Bionic Bunny!
Watch out for that cheese!
It's kind of runny!

In a way!
It's kind of funny!
But I like food!
That tastes real... yunny!

(Buster's note: See? I wanted to say "yummy," but it didn't rhyme. Do you think people will notice?)


"Alien with Four Heads"

I saw an alien
With foreheads.

No, wait. Not foreheads. FOUR heads.

But actually, if he HAD four heads, he'd have FOUR foreheads. Hmm... although, he IS an alien. Could he have four heads but not four foreheads?

(Buster's note: Aw... this one fell apart right from the start...)


"My Friends: a Rap by Buster Baxter."

I like my friends
They are real neat
'specially when they have
Food to eat.

Has some grain.
Has a bean.
Baby Kate
Has oatmeal on her plate.

Has some... um... caraMAL
Sue Elly (can I call her that?)
Has some jelly
Has... he has... um...

(Buster's note: Oh, man! Nothing rhymes with "Arthur!" How can the food-namers be so cruel?)

Okay, so I officially can't rhyme. But I DO know my food. Want to play a fun food game? Then check out Dream On!


D.W.'S FILM FUN: Mixed-Up Titles
By Dora Winifred Read

Dora Winifred Read's Byline Picture It's summertime, which means Arthur's going to watch lots of those silly action movies. I mean, aren't they all the same? Even the NAMES all sound the same.

Then I thought: even *I* could make up better names! And now you can, too. Just choose something from each section below.

For instance, you could make:
"Dark Bunny Endlessly Chases the Ridiculously Dressed Robots, Part 4"

(For fun, I put in one movie I would LOVE to see! Can you guess what it is? I think I've hidden it pretty well...)

Bionic Bunny
Dark Bunny
James Hound
Mary Moo Cow, Along with All Her Moo Cow Friends
Endlessly Chases
Colors Beautiful Rainbows, Hearts, and Princess Castles with
the Ridiculously Dressed
the Totally Dumb
the Really, Really, Evil
the Truly Magical, Enchanting, Faerie-Loving
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 27

(Did you find MY movie? The answer is below.)

Looking for more action? Then play The Tibble Super Action Challenge!


HENRY SKREEVER: Getting Ready!
By Muffy Crosswire

Muffy Crosswire's Byline Picture I can't believe it! The newest Henry Skreever book is almost here: "Henry Skreever and the Healthy 'Mallows." It's all about how Henry uses his wizard powers to create marshmallows that are good for you. Sounds kind of weird, actually. (Between you and me, I think the writer may be running out of ideas.)

Anyway, I'm still really looking forward to reading it. (Not as much as Prunella, though. I think she hasn't slept in three days, she's so excited!) I asked Daddy to get me a copy early, before everyone else got it, but even HE couldn't do it. So, to help out all of my newsletter-reading friends, I'll tell you how I'm getting ready for the book. You can do the same things if you want!

1. To get the book first, you must be prepared to stand in line at the bookstore. So make sure to tell Daddy (or another adult) very sweetly why it's important that he or she stands in line for you.

2. Have your butler prepare snacks beforehand, and then bring them once an hour while you read for 24 hours straight. You MUST keep up your strength.

3. Bedding must be EXTRA soft for total reading comfort. So buy only handmade, one-of-a-kind pillows - imported from New Zealand - that have been woven from the wool of sheep who are fed designer, shade-grown grasses, and who are allowed to listen to classical music for at least five hours a day. These pillows really ARE a must-have!

Need more Muffy? Then play Muffy's Wardrobe.


By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture There are a bunch of brand-new episodes of ARTHUR premiering the weeks of June 25 and Labor Day. Check your local listings to see when they're on.

As a bonus, each one has a cool "Postcard From You" in the middle of it: that's a video that kids just like you have sent in! Who knows? Maybe after watching them, you'll want to send in your own!

You can watch some video clips, and learn all about "Postcards From You" at


D.W.'S FILM FUN: My Movie
By Dora Winifred Read

Dora Winifred Read's Byline Picture Could you figure it out? I bet not. I hid it REALLY well.

The movie I WISH I could see this summer is:

"Mary Moo Cow, Along with All Her Moo Cow Friends, Colors Beautiful Rainbows, Hearts, and Princess Castles with the Truly Magical, Enchanting, Faerie-Loving Unicorns, Part 27"

The best part is, that would mean there were 26 movies before this one!


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