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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterOctober, 2006
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TOP STORY: Talent Show Trouble
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture Let me tell you about "the incident."

Buster was doing a mind reading trick. First he gave Mr. Haney a box with part of his food collection in it. Then he put a blindfold on. He asked Mr. Haney to open the box and take out one item. Then Buster would read Mr. Haney's mind, and tell him what kind of food it was.

That was the plan, at least.

When Mr. Haney opened the box, the smell made him stumble. As he fell, the food flew all over the stage.

Pal, who was there with me (I had taught him some GREAT tricks!), ran to get a sandwich, pulling me behind him on his leash.

I crashed into Brain's collection of moths (he was going to lecture on local moth specimens).

The moths escaped and flew right onto Muffy's fall clothes. (She was putting on a fashion show.) Unfortunately, they were all wool clothes, and the moths ate them up.

This caused Muffy to scream. Her scream startled Binky, who dropped the five bowling balls he was going to juggle.

The balls bowled Francine over (she was going to play drums while riding her bicycle). She lost her balance and drove her bike into the curtain, pulling it down, PLUS all the scenery.

So, who won? After the dust settled, the only person with an act left was D.W. All she did was her Mary Moo Cow imitation (she says, "Moo"). And she won! I can't believe it! Now she keeps marching around our house, singing the "I won" song:

"I won! I won! You did not! But I did! I won! I won..."

(sigh) There's always next year...

Take a look at another of D.W.'s talents: making music! Help her Crank It Up.


By Fern

Fern's Byline Picture There's a saying: "You can't see the forest for the trees." That means that someone is paying too much attention to the details of something. But in this puzzle, the details are most important. You're looking for the trees! That's because there's a tree hidden in each of the sentences below.

Example: D.W. faced Arthur's door and yelled.

D.W. faCED ARthur's door and yelled. (The tree "cedar" is hidden within the words "faced" and "Arthur.")

So here are four sentences. Can you where the tree is hiding in each sentence?

1. Find a "beech" tree in this sentence:
A bee chased George around the park.

2. Find an "elm" tree in this sentence:
Binky could feel Mr. Ratburn staring at him.

3. Find a "willow" tree in this sentence:
Brain said, "Lend me two quarters, and I will owe you fifty cents."

4. Find a "hickory" tree in this sentence:
Buster likes any kind of soup: tasteless and thick, or yummy and watery.

(see answers below)

See how that works? It's not easy, but practice makes perfect!

Now, here are four MORE sentences to practice on. To make it a bit harder, I'll tell you which trees to look for, but you'll have to figure out which sentence to look in.

These are the four trees you're looking for: Ash, Aspen, Maple, Oak
Can you find them in these four sentences?

5. D.W. visited the zoo and saw a flamingo, a koala, and three tigers.

6. Francine borrowed Prunella's pen.

7. Grandma Thora's home cooking is not very good.

8. "I bet this map leads to treasure!" said Arthur.

(see answers below)

Pay attention to the details! It's the only way to play Virtual Goose!.


STORIES ABOUT ME: My Halloween Choices
By D.W. Read

D.W. Read's Byline Picture It's almost Halloween, and I need a costume. I have to pick one of these three (because these are the best ones!):

1. Princess: This one fits my personality very well, and it's cute, cute, cute! One problem: the crown slips over my eyes, making it hard to see.

2. Unicorn: I LOVE unicorns! I wish I could BE a unicorn. But a two-person unicorn costume is tough. Who wants to be the rear end of a unicorn? Not me!

3. Fairy: Fairies are magical and mystical, and they have wings! Cool! But last time I was a fairy, the Tibbles stole my wand (then they tried to turn everyone into frogs). I got it back, but that wasn't so fun.

Hmm... this is a hard choice to make.

Hey, I know! I'll be a Fairy Princess Unicorn! I'll tie my fairy wand around my wrist. That way the Tibbles can't steal it. I'll be a princess, so I can walk on two feet. And my uni-horn will help hold up my crown! The perfect outfit!

Thanks for your help!

Interested in more clothing decisions? Play Muffy's Wardrobe!.


FEATURED ARTICLE: New Postcards From Me!
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Hey! I've been doing a lot of traveling, so get ready for some new episodes of "Postcards From Buster!" I went all over the place, including Philadelphia, Hawaii, Montreal... even the Dominican Republic! I met lots of great kids, and did tons of fun stuff like have a scavenger hunt at a zoo, talk to dolphins, solve a mystery, and eat tons of great food. So check out my new shows, beginning just after Thanksgiving!

We'll also have a new feature, Postcards From You! I received videos from kids all over the world. You'll see some of them on my show and on my Website. Plus, keep an eye out for more chances to send me your own Postcards From You videos.

In addition to my own site, I have a traveling game right here on Arthur's site! Check out Connect the World.


By Fern

Fern's Byline Picture Here are the first four sentences:

1. A BEE CHased George around the park. (Beech)

2. Binky could feEL Mr. Ratburn staring at him. (Elm)

3. Brain said, "Lend me two quarters, and I WILL OWe you fifty cents." (Willow)

4. Buster likes any kind of soup: tasteless and tHICK, OR Yummy and watery. (Hickory)

Here are the last four sentences:

5. D.W. visited the zoo and saw a flamingO, A Koala, and three tigers. (Oak)

6. Francine borrowed PrunellA'S PEN. (Aspen)

7. Grandma ThorA'S Home cooking is not very good. (Ash)

8. "I bet this MAP LEads to treasure!" said Arthur. (Maple)