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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterJuly, 2006
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THIS MONTH'S THEME: Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime!

TOP STORY: Hot! Hot! Hot!
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Phew! Summer's finally here, and boy is it hot!

It's so hot that Pal sleeps IN his water dish.

It's so hot that Arthur is keeping his shirts in the freezer.

It's so hot that Muffy hired someone to fan her butler Bailey while he's fanning her!

It's so hot that D.W. will pester Arthur only if he agrees not to move around too much.

It's so hot that Bionic Bunny is only fighting crime near the Arctic Circle.

It's so hot that I've been eating frozen pizza -- without heating it.

It's so hot that the Tibbles have taught themselves to get into trouble without moving at all. (Impressive!)

It's so hot that Arthur's dad sculpted a bow tie entirely out of ice to wear while working.

It's so hot that Francine is actually wearing a dress to stay cool. (Now THAT'S hot!)

It's so hot that I bet George's summer job as "ice cream delivery guy" is pretty busy (and sticky). Help him out in Go! George Go!.


By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture The 4th of July was a blast this year! Lots of fireworks, flags, and fun. Ah...I do like a good holiday!

Below you'll find nine major U.S. holidays, all with a word removed from the middle. Can you complete each holiday with the word it's missing? (The missing words are listed below, too.)

For example, in LAB DAY, you can put the word OR in the middle to make it LABOR DAY.

1. Birthday of Min Luther King, Jr.
2. Chrtmas Day
3. Colum Day
4. Indedence Day
5. Memial Day
6. New Y's Day
7. Thksgiving Day
8. Vetes Day
9. Wagton's Birthday

a) an
b) art
c) bus
d) ear
e) is
f) or
g) pen
h) ran
i) shin

And while you're moving words around, why not drop some into a letter? Write to me (or Arthur or Sue Ellen or The Brain) in Letters To....


TWO-MINUTE MOVIE REVIEW: "Bionic Bunny Versus Doctor Danger"
By Alan "The Brain" Powers

Alan The Brain Powers's Byline Picture If it's summer, then it's time for me to review the latest Bionic Bunny blockbuster movie!

As the movie opens, we learn that Doctor Danger is up to her old tricks: trying to take over the world. They show her walking around this huge space station... um, wait a second. There's no gravity in space, so she couldn't walk...she should be floating. I guess she COULD be wearing magnetic boots. But even so, the laughing potion she's supposedly created to threaten the world would DEFINITELY float all over the place.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. So, Doctor Danger chooses her target: Greenstone National Park. Here she plans to make all the bears laugh so hard that they... Oh, no way. Bears? That makes no sense. It's biologically determined that bears cannot laugh! Their vocal cords aren't made for it. Doctor Danger should have targeted the forest rangers. Now THEY could laugh.

Anyway, Bionic Bunny hops in his jet plane and flies non-stop from India to try to stop... wait, wait, wait. Hold on. Without refueling? Even if his plane is bionic, the laws of physics are clear on this: he could never carry enough jet fuel to...

[Editor's Note from Arthur: Ok, we had to cut this off because The Brain has gone over his column word limit. Sorry.]


By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture By the time you get the NEXT newsletter, we'll all be back in school. Aaah! Not that I don't love school (Mr. Ratburn, are you reading this?), but the summer is best! Time for playing, relaxing, swimming, reading, eating, relaxing, running, relaxing, playing video games, and... relaxing. So, whatever you like to do over the summer, I hope you get the chance to do a lot of it. Bye!


ON HOLIDAY: A Solution
By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture 1. Birthday of M-ART-in Luther King, Jr.
2. Chr-IS-tmas Day
3. Colum-BUS Day
4. Inde-PEN-dence Day
5. Mem-OR-ial Day 6. New Y-EAR's Day
7. Th-AN-ksgiving Day
8. Vete-RAN-s Day
9. Wa-SHIN-gton's Birthday