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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterApril, 2006
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    Arthur Read
    Buster Baxter
    Spring fever
    Trying to make spring get here faster by wearing shorts when it's still cold outside and freezing my knees off!
THIS MONTH'S THEME: Spring Is the Thing!

TOP STORY: My Spring Plans
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture Here in Elwood City, it's just starting to warm up. The birds are singing, and I can sometimes wear my lighter jacket. I am REALLY ready for spring!

Don't get me wrong. I do like winter. I love playing in the snow, and then coming in for a huge mug of hot cocoa. But enough is enough.

Buster and I tried reading Bionic Bunny comics in the tree house about three weeks ago. Boy, was that a mistake! I couldn't turn the pages with my mittens on. Then, when I took them off, my hands froze in the wind. (It didn't help that we were reading issue #292, which is all about an arctic Snow Creature. That made it seem even colder!)

But we're going to try the tree house again this weekend, and I bet it will be warm enough. (Please let it be warm enough....)

I've also pumped up my basketball, so it's all ready to go. (That huge pile of snow under the hoop FINALLY melted!)

And my mom took my bike to the shop to fix it up. Now it looks great, and I don't have to worry about the brakes not working. (I can't afford another accident! I still need to fix the neighbor's shrub that I crashed into last year.)

Are you itching for spring to arrive? Then send some warm weather wishes to your friends and family with a special e-card.


By Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen's Byline Picture I love traveling to hidden-away places. Here's a list of countries that are REALLY hidden -- in the middle of sentences! Can you find them?

Example: The country CUBA is hidden in the sentence "I saw a bear CUB And a snake." The CUB in "cub" connects to the A in "and" to spell Cuba. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Here are the countries you're looking for:

a) Canada
b) China
c) Congo
d) Greece
e) India
f) Ireland
g) Spain
h) Sweden

And here's where they're hiding! Good luck!

1. I have seen sundials. Do they make rain dials?

2. My mom went to a spa in the city.

3. I agree, certainly.

4. Beans? I eat a can a day.

5. She plays music on gongs.

6. My friend says we dented his toy car.

7. Some men wear whiskers on their chin all the time.

8. He slept through the entire landing.

Want to travel the world some more? Check out Buster's Connect the World game.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Tips for Saving a Snowball
By D.W. Read

D.W. Read's Byline Picture If you're like me, right now you have a problem: how to save that snowball now that the weather is getting warmer. Here are some tips:

1. The freezer SEEMS like it would be the best place, but it's not. (It's the first place a nosy brother will look.)

2. A clothing drawer (in your brother's dresser) is one storage idea.

3. Pack your snowball INSIDE another snowball. This guarantees it will stay safe (from your brother).

4. If someone (like your brother) asks where you put your snowball, DO NOT answer! Say nothing. Just whistle to show that you are not hiding anything. (If you can't whistle, pay a friend five cents to do it for you.)

5. Be safe: hide more than one snowball. (Right now I have eleven snowballs hidden in the house, so nothing can go wrong!)

You know what DOES go in a freezer? Ice cream! Help George deliver some in Go! George Go!.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Rhymes of the Times
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture I love the word "spring" because there
are so many things that rhyme with it:




Hmm....What else? Oh, yeah:


And of course, we can't forget... (deep breath)





You know, rhyming is one way to make great poems! For other ideas and to submit your own poetic masterpiece (with or without rhymes), check out Fern's Poetry Club.


By Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen's Byline Picture 1. I have seen sundials. Do they make raIN DIAls? (e: India)

2. My mom went to a SPA IN the city. (g: Spain)

3. I aGREE, CErtainly. (d: Greece)

4. Beans? I eat a CAN A DAy. (a: Canada)

5. She plays musiC ON GOngs. (c: Congo)

6. My friend sayS WE DENted his toy car. (h: Sweden)

7. Some men wear whiskers on their CHIN All the time. (b: China)

8. He slept through the entIRE LANDing. (f: Ireland)