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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterJanuary, 2006
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    Arthur Read
    Buster Baxter
    Size: 5 inches diameter
    Weight: 7 ounces
    Moisture: 2.8% by volume
    Target Distance: 9-15 feet
    Wind Speed: 7 mph (max)
    The Brain, Sn.D.
    (Doctor of Snowballogy)
THIS MONTH'S THEME: Celebrate the New Year!

BUT FIRST: New Newsletter Schedule
By Arthur Read

Arthur Read's Byline Picture Starting with this issue, the "ARTHUR (and BUSTER) Newsletter" will come out four times a year (instead of 12 times). So look for issues in January, April, July, and October. But don't worry: each issue will be full of even more stories, lists, games, and weird reports from Buster, like this one...


TOP STORY: A New Tradition
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Hey, have you ever wondered where the phrase "Happy New Year" came from? Well, I'll tell you.

Up until 1923, people would say, "Pardon me, but I believe the last number in our year is about to get bigger by one, so we should celebrate by staying up late and counting backwards from ten."

This greeting proved to be waaaay too long. Then along came Walter Doohickey, a glue salesman. To promote his latest glue invention (made from sticky tree sap) he wandered the streets of New York City yelling, "Get your sappy glue here! Sappy glue here!" Someone thought he was saying "happy new year," and a tradition was born. Weird, huh?

[Editor's Note from Arthur: As an editor, I feel I should tell you that I'm pretty sure this isn't true.]

Send your own weird wishes to friends and family on a special New Year's e-card.


WORD SEARCH: Six for '06!
By Binky Barnes

Binky Barnes's Byline Picture In honor of 2006, the phrase "New Year" appears six times in the puzzle below.

Can you find them all? They can be up, down, across, or diagonal.

		E  W  Y  N  E  W  Y  E  A  R
		A  R  R  E  E  E  Y  W  E  N
		N  A  A  W  Y  W  N  E  W  Y
		N  E  E  Y  E  A  Y  N  E  E
		E  W  Y  E  A  R  E  E  N  A
		W  Y  W  R  R  W  A  W  A  R
		Y  W  E  A  Y  N  E  W  Y  R
		E  E  N  E  W  Y  E  A  R  Y
		A  N  A  N  E  W  Y  A  R  W
		R  R  Y  E  A  R  N  R  A  E
Like searching for things? Find words that don't belong in Francine's Un-Matching Game.


FEATURED ARTICLE: Favorite Mystery Stories
By Fern

Fern's Byline Picture When it's cold outside, I like to curl up with a good mystery. Here are four of my favorites:

And Then There Were Nuns
An ordinary church pancake breakfast turns mysterious when all the syrup disappears. Luckily, Miss Maple is on the case!

More Adventures of Dictionary Brown
Dictionary proves he can solve more than word problems after Lady Tuppence, the crossword puzzle heiress, hires him to recover her stolen jewels.

Prancy Drew and the Case of the Laughing Elbow
When Prancy bangs her funny bone on a table, it's not funny at all. So why isn't it called your Wow! That really hurts! bone? Join Prancy as she tries to discover the answer to this and many other arm-related questions.

Shovel in a Blue Dress (A Queasy Rawlins Mystery)
Everyone's favorite seasick detective returns in this intriguing story. Why are Queasy's tools all dressed up? Do they have someplace to go? And if so, why was Queasy not invited?

Want more mystery? Check out my Effective Detective game.


By Muffy Crosswire

Muffy Crosswire's Byline Picture Here is my list of Five Ways to Stay Warm in the Cold Winter Weather:

1. Make sure there's a roaring fire in each of your 20 fireplaces.

2. Exercise warms you up: hire rock superstars for a private concert, then dance!

3. Turn all the heat vents in your limousine toward you.

4. Have your personal trainer rub your hands together.

5. Drink hot apple cider from a gold mug (any old gold mug will do).

Of course, one of the best ways to stay warm is to dress appropriately. Explore some fashion possibilities in Muffy's Wardrobe.


WORD SEARCH: Six Solutions for '06
By Binky Barnes

Binky Barnes's Byline Picture All six "New Year's" are below in
CAPITAL letters.

		e  w  y  N  E  W  Y  E  A  R    
		a  r  R  e  E  e  y  w  e  n    
		n  a  A  w  y  W  n  e  w  y    
		N  e  E  y  e  a  Y  N  e  e    
		E  w  Y  e  a  r  E  E  n  a    
		W  y  W  r  r  W  a  w  A  r    
		Y  w  E  a  Y  n  e  w  y  R    
		E  e  N  E  W  Y  E  A  R  y    
		A  n  A  n  e  w  y  a  r  w    
		R  R  y  e  a  r  n  r  a  e