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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterNovember, 2005
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BUT FIRST: Another Hurricane Katrina Update
By Bo Baxter (Buster's dad)

Bo Baxter (Buster's dad)'s Byline Picture We wanted to let you know that Dylan and his family - whom Buster and I visited in the Louisiana Bayou - are all safe. (In the last newsletter, we told you all the New Orleans kids and their families were okay.)

The eye of the hurricane passed right over Dylan's house. Remember how his house is built on stilts? Well, the water rose right up to the base of his house on the top of those stilts.

For the first few days after the storm, they got around by boat. Now the water has gone back down, and Dylan and his brother are back at school.

We're planning on going back to visit him soon, which Buster will make into a new Postcard from Buster!


NEWS FLASH: Special New Game Preview!
By Timmy and Tommy Tibble

Timmy and Tommy Tibble Byline Picture Timmy: "Hey, we have a new game on Arthur's Web site!"

Tommy: "I want to play! I want to play!"

Timmy: "No, Tommy, you have to be patient."

Tommy: "What does 'patient' mean?"

Timmy: "I don't know. But adults say it a lot."

Tommy: "Maybe it means that on Thanksgiving there are some special episodes of Arthur and Postcards from Buster, and that a special password shown then will let you be one of the first kids in the world to play the new game, The Tibble Super Action Challenge."

Timmy: "Wow! That's right! How'd you know?"

Tommy: "The Brain told me."

Timmy: "Okay, well, see you all on Thanksgiving!"

Tommy: "Bye!"


TOP STORY: Ode to Autumn
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Now that it's turned to autumn
There's one thing I'd like to know
When the leaves turn red and yellow
Where does all the green stuff go?

Brain says the green is chlorophyll
That helps the trees to eat
By turning light and water
Into sugar, good and sweet

He also says this "chlorophyll"
Breaks down when it gets cold
And disappears, which leaves the leaves
Their brilliant reds and gold

Yeah, right, I say, that sounds SO true
"The trees are really lunching"
As if I wouldn't hear it
If my trees were always munching

No, I know the truth, it's plain to see
So to Brain, here's my correction
The green that flees the trees heads to
My famous food collection!

For more wondrous words, check out Fern's Poetry Club.


HORN OF PLENTY: A Fall Harvest Puzzle
By Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen's Byline Picture To find some fall foods, just match up the word beginnings (numbered) with their proper word endings (lettered). When you're done, you'll have a feast of eight items!

Example: Spin + ach = spinach.

1) Avo-
2) Broc-
3) Cab-
4) Car-
5) Cauli-
6) Chest-
7) Pump-
8) Squa-

a) -bage
b) -nuts
c) -cados
d) -coli
e) -kin
f) -rots
g) -sh
h) -flower

(answer below)

Want to put some other things together? Then try the Music Box puzzles.


By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture Q: Why did the maple cross the road?
A: To see a "tree" ring circus!

(Ooh, that joke's so bad, I can't be-leaf it!)

If you'd like to write to me (despite that terrible joke) - or maybe to Arthur, Sue Ellen, or the Brain - come visit our "Letters To..." section .


HORN OF PLENTY: The Bountiful Solution
1) c. Avocados
2) d. Broccoli
3) a. Cabbage
4) f. Carrots
5) h. Cauliflower
6) b. Chestnuts
7) e. Pumpkin
8) g. Squash