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The Arthur and Buster NewsletterSeptember, 2005
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THIS MONTH'S THEME: Back to School

TOP STORY: Turning the Tables
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture Hi, there! I hope you had a great summer. I definitely did, but it went WAY too fast! Can you believe it's already time for school?

(Whoa! I just realized this "back-to-school" newsletter is issue number 13! I hope that's not bad luck for the school year. I need all the help I can get!)

Anyway, I decided I needed something to make the idea of going back to school a little easier to handle. So...I'm going to give Mr. Ratburn a pop quiz! (A-ha! A little turn of the tables, eh, Ratburn?) It's all about me and my summer. I can't wait to grade it!

Looking for a cool way to ease yourself back into the school year? Send your friends a Back-to-School e-card.


HEAD OF THE CLASS: A Quiz for My Teacher
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture I know you're thinking, "Hey, why does Buster get TWO articles this month?!" (Well, that's what you're thinking if you're Arthur.) But I am really proud of this quiz I wrote, so I wanted you to see it. Try it out! (Answers are below...but no peeking until you're finished!)

1. I just cleaned out my backpack from last year and found something I thought I'd lost. What was it?
  1. My detailed homework planner
  2. My 100-page report on rocket science
  3. My copy of "Funny Things to Say When You're Not Funny"
  4. My 12-week-old tuna sandwich from the last day of school
2. How many times over the summer did I fall off my bike?
  1. Once
  2. Twice
  3. Thrice (Cool word, huh? It means "three times.")
  4. 28 times
3. The best ice cream flavor I had at the Sugar Bowl was...
  1. Lint Chocolate Chip
  2. Old Shoe Supreme
  3. Calamari Crunch
  4. Lint Chocolate Chip, Old Shoe Supreme, AND Calamari Crunch (topped with sprinkles, gum drops, chocolate chips, red hots, gummi bears, licorice bits, and bubble gum!)
4. What's my favorite memory from the summer?
  1. Reading Bionic Bunny comics in the tree house with Arthur
  2. Playing video games with Arthur
  3. Running through the sprinkler with Arthur
  4. Drinking tasty lemonade under a shady tree with Arthur
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By Francine Frensky

Francine Frensky's Byline Picture Over the summer, Elwood City had a big picnic. It was great! There were lots of hamburgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers, along with chips, fruit, and salads. But the best part was that there were LOTS of contests!

First, I ran the three-legged race with Arthur. We came in second, right behind Binky and Muffy. (If you ask me, Binky carried her over the finish line!) Tommy and Timmy Tibble came in last because they tied ALL their legs together and just fell over.

Then came the tug-of-war, girls against boys. WE WON!!!! Of course, it was helpful that the Tibbles were still tied together, and went crashing into the boys' side.

Last was the obstacle course that you had to complete while holding an egg on a spoon. I won this one, but just barely. The Brain had learned some ancient Egyptian egg-balancing secrets, but they didn't help him. I guess the ancient Egyptians were not very good at egg balancing!

Need one more celebration of summer activities? Help my friend George through some challenging ice cream delivery routes in Go! George, Go!.


HEAD OF THE CLASS: The Answers to the Quiz for My Teacher
By Buster Baxter

Buster Baxter's Byline Picture 1. The answer is (d). I was wondering why all the neighborhood cats were surrounding my house!

2. The answer is (d). And that was all on one day! (I was testing out a new bike trick.)

3. The answer is (d). That was too easy, wasn't it?

4. Trick question! They're ALL my favorites. Ah... I love summer!